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Have you ever been asked to eat something that could keep your intestine healthy? Well, it is because your gut not only guides your mood but also your overall health. We are here to discuss a condition known as Adynamic Ileus. This condition affects the intestine and becomes serious if not taken care of.


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Hence, knowing Adynamic Ileus Causes & Treatment can help you understand and get the condition treatment done at early stages. In case, you are looking for a perfect treatment partner, we are here for you!


What are the Adynamic Ileus Causes & Treatments?


Adynamic Ileus Causes, Adynamic Ileus Treatments, Adynamic Ileus, symptoms OF Adynamic ileus, Cost of Adynamic ileus in India


To know the treatment, one has to understand what are the causes of the condition. The treatment becomes easy for us once we understand the ways it can be prevented. Read on to know what is Adynamic Ileus and how you can know more about it.


What is Adynamic Ileus?


This condition is related to your bowel treatment. Adynamic ileus, also known as paralytic ileus, is when what you eat and drink does not pass through the bowel.

What is this peristalsis? It is the movement of the smooth muscle of the intestine in a way wave pattern this is what is, called peristalsis. The movement involves the movement of food and drinks. Loss or reduction of these peristaltic movements can lead to adynamic ileus and a consequent buildup of stomach contents in the intestine.


What are Adynamic Ileus Causes?


Adynamic Ileus Causes, Adynamic Ileus Treatments, Adynamic Ileus, symptoms OF Adynamic ileus, Cost of Adynamic ileus in India



The causes of Adynamic Ileus are actually related to other conditions, here are the causes of the same. It might also happen due to pelvic surgeries.




It is a condition that is related to peptic ulcers that might affect your stomach. They also happen due to Biliary and pancreatic diseases.


Renal colic


The condition is accompanied by kidney stones or urinary tract infections. This needs urgent attention and if it is an Adynamic Ileus Cause, it will need treatment.


Intestinal ischemia


It can be either acute or chronic. Acute intestinal ischemia can be subcategorized as embolic (eg, atrial fibrillation), thrombotic (due to plaque rupture), venous, or nonocclusive (low-flow). Chronic ischemia refers to the progression of atherosclerosis of the abdominal arteries.


What are the treatments for Adynamic Ileus?


The treatment of adynamic ileus is mostly conservative and focuses on relieving the present symptoms. However, if the condition is not taken care of. If stays are persistent, more aggressive treatment may be appropriate to avoid further complications. Additionally, diagnosing and treating the underlying cause can potentially minimize the duration of the ileus.


Gastric suction Surgery, or stomach pumping, is a procedure your doctor can perform to empty the contents of your stomach quickly during an emergency. It’s also known as gastric lavage and nasogastric tube suction.


Bowel rest, restriction of food consumption, and intravenous (IV) fluid therapy are often suggested for individuals with ileus. If the individual is unable to eat food or drink liquids for over 7 days it might be a cause.

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN), is one of the feeding methods that bypass the gastrointestinal tract and may be necessary. Severe or prolonged ileus with continuous vomiting often requires the insertion of a tube extending from the nose to the stomach also referred to in technical terms as a nasogastric tube. This is done in order to remove gastrointestinal contents and thus relieve pressure.

If symptoms do not improve or there are complications, such as a rupture of the bowel, surgery might be required.


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Does Adynamic ileus have signs and symptoms?


Adynamic Ileus Causes, Adynamic Ileus Treatments, Adynamic Ileus, symptoms OF Adynamic ileus, Cost of Adynamic ileus in India


Yes, of course, there are certainly signs that you can look out for when finding the Adynamic Ileus Causes & Treatments. What are those signs and symptoms? Check them below!


  1. You might have abdominal discomfort, bloating, constipation, nausea, and vomiting.
  2. In some cases, continuous and persistent abdominal pain may also occur.
  3. Abdominal tenderness is felt and the reason can be peritoneal irritation,
  4. Inflammation of the membrane covering the abdominal wall and organs
  5. Uncommon symptoms include fecal vomiting


What can one do in case of an emergency if faced with Adynamic Ileus?


Usually, there will be no emergency condition if the treatment is taken in the desired manner. However, if left untreated, adynamic ileus could possibly lead to extended bowel dilation, known as toxic megacolon.


This is considered a medical emergency. If you face this condition it has a high chance to become fatal, as it can cause a rupture of the intestine. In this case, get medical help urgently, Contact us here!


What is the Cost of Adynamic ileus in India?


Gastric Suction surgery which is used in the most advanced stages of the condition can range from 3000USD to 11000 USD. It depends highly on the severity of the condition.


What might be the adynamic ileus cause?


We have already discussed the Adynamic Ileus Causes & Treatments above. You must look for the conditions which are followed by the ileus. In case you find one, please feel free to contact us for the treatment!


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