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Also known as the “beauty bone”, our collar bone does more than enhance our personality. So, what else does it do? The collarbone connects the upper part of the breastbone to our shoulder blade. Keeping your collarbone safe is important for providing support and connection between shoulder and body.


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Sometimes it breaks because of falls and injuries. But there are ways to treat this such as clavicle fracture treatment, you can get this treatment easily on a budget through GoMedii. 


Get Clavicle Fracture Treatment With GoMedii


Clavicle Fracture Treatment, causes of clavicle fracture, Clavicle Fracture Treatment cost, GoMedii


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How to know if you have a fracture?


You can easily know if your shoulder is broken as it has noticeable symptoms these symptoms include;


  • Pain in the shoulder
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • A bulge on or near the shoulder
  • A grinding or crackling sound while moving the shoulder
  • Inability to move the shoulder


Visit a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms as if not treated right it can further lead to other musculoskeletal issues. 


What are the causes of clavicle fracture?


There are a few situations that can break the collarbone severely that you have to take proper treatment and even surgery, these causes include:


  • Falling onto the shoulder or onto the outstretched hand.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Vehicle accident from a car, or motorcycle.
  • Birth injury from passing through the birth canal.


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What diagnoses are done before clavicle fracture treatment?


During the physical exam, the doctor will inspect the affected area for tenderness, swelling, deformity, or an open wound. X-rays determine the extent of a broken collarbone, pinpoint its location, and determine if there’s an injury to the joints. The doctor may also recommend a CT scan to get more-detailed images.


How much does Clavicle Fracture Treatment cost?


Drop a query to know about clavicle fracture treatment costs.


What is Clavicle Fracture Treatment?


Clavicle Fracture Treatment, causes of clavicle fracture, Clavicle Fracture Treatment cost, GoMedii


Stopping the movement of the broken bone is critical to healing. To immobilize a broken collarbone, these people likely need to wear an arm sling.

The time duration of immobilization needed depends on the severity of the injury. If more than one or two bone is fractured it will usually take three to six weeks for children and 6-12 weeks for adults. A newborn’s collarbone fracture during delivery typically heals with only pain control and careful handling of the baby.

Therapy begins once the treatment starts. In most cases, it’s important to begin some motion to minimize stiffness in the shoulder while they’re still wearing the sling. After the splint is removed, the doctor may recommend additional rehabilitation exercises or physical therapy to restore muscle strength, joint motion, and flexibility.


Surgery may be required if the fractured collarbone has broken through the skin, is severely displaced, or is in several pieces. Broken collarbone surgery usually includes placing fixation device plates, screws, or rods to maintain the proper position of the bone during healing. Surgical complications, though rare, can include infection and lack of bone healing.


Clavicle Fracture Treatment through GoMedii


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