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Controlling your blood pressure can be a tough job if you do not take care of the reasons that might lead to fluctuation in the blood pressure. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring thus comes in picture. It is one of the most scientific and helpful systems for monitoring your blood pressure. Why do we use the machine, what is the machine about and what conditions make patients use it, the blog would address all your doubts. It is time to keep in check our blood pressure.


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What is Ambulatory Blood Pressure?


Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is a machine designed to measure blood pressure at regular intervals. It is believed that it will be able to reduce hypertension effect which is mainly when a patient’s blood pressure is elevated during the examination process due to nervousness and anxiety caused by being in a clinical setting. In such cases, the upper blood pressure goes up to 140 while the lower blood pressure is around 90.



The Procedure of Ambulatory Blood Pressure.


When you are already working with the machine it is vital to make sure that the tube of the machine should neither be twisted or bent. Wait for the beep that it makes right before taking leaves. While this is happening make sure you are doing the following things:


1. Be seated if possible

2. Keep the cuff at the level as your heart

3. Make sure your arms are steady



You might be asked to jot down the details of what you did before the reading was taken, what time you went to bed and then was awake and if and when you took medications. Some people find 24-hour ABPM distracting and uncomfortable hence if you feel like this when the readings are being taken, it is important to discuss and let the doctor know about it as it may affect your readings.


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What makes you eligible for Ambulatory Blood Pressure?


This kind of monitoring is not necessary for all the blood pressure patients, there are various conditions that you might have to meet up in order to be eligible for ambulatory blood pressure.


  •  Whitecoat hypertension: When some individuals are not regular in taking their BP medicines, they might face an increased reading when they visit their doctors. This is known as “white coat hypertension.” This leads to misdiagnosis and might result in normal person seem like a BP patient. When ambulatory monitoring yields readings within the normal range outside the doctor’s office, patients usually do not need to take antihypertensive drugs.


  • Masked hypertension: This condition occurs when a patient’s BP reading is normal at the doctor’s office but when they reach their home space, it can be elevated. Observations have shown that this happens in up to 20% of people who are being treated for hypertension.


  • Sustained hypertension: Those individuals who fall in this category are the ones who indiscriminately have elevated blood pressure, whether they are at the doctor’s or their own place. This condition has been linked to an increased likelihood of heart and kidney damage.



Who are Other Users of the Procedure?


Those who might also be a part of the Ambulatory blood pressure apart from the above mentioned are as follows:


  • Hypertension among pregnant woman


  •  Patients who are at borderline hypertension


  • Medicines are not able to control blood pressure


  • Other drugs affecting your BP


  • Any change in prescribed medicines changing your B


  •  Fainting episodes or hypotension (low BP)


While controlling blood pressure can also mean that one should take care of diet and exercises. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring has helped a lot of people to keep their blood pressure under control. The experts, consultants, and doctors at our website are always there for your help, you can contact us to clear any doubt.


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