Get Cost-Effective Ankle Repair Surgery In India

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Your ankle can injure for many reasons one of the major reasons for injury and severe ankle pain are accidents and obesity. Many people go for ankle surgery to treat it. It also relieves pain caused due to arthritis. You can get treatment hustle-free ankle repair surgery in India and get your surgery done by one of the most trusted hospitals in India.


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Ankle Repair Surgery In India 


Ankle Repair Surgery In India, Signs of Ankle Repair Surgery, Symptoms of Ankle Repair Surgery, types of ankle surgery


India is worldwide known for providing the best treatment at and much lower cost than other countries. Get cost-effective ankle repair surgery in India with GoMedii and leave your worries to us, we will guide you throughout your treatment and help you to get the best treatment at an affordable cost.  


Why is ankle surgery done?


Surgery on an ankle might be needed to treat fractures (broken bones), arthritis, tendonitis, and problems that can’t be resolved with therapy and medications.

Ankle repair surgery is done if the bones in the ankle are unstable and need more support to heal. When the ankle is stable and the broken bone isn’t out of place, milder fractures might not need to be surgically repaired.


Signs and symptoms that tell you to need ankle repair surgery


Signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle vary depending on the severity of the injury. They might include:


  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Instability in the ankle
  • Tenderness while touching the ankle
  • Popping sensation or sound if it gets injured
  • Pain, especially when you put weight on the affected foot


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What are the types of ankle surgery?


Ankle Repair Surgery In India, Signs of Ankle Repair Surgery, Symptoms of Ankle Repair Surgery, types of ankle surgery


Surgeries can cure severe ankle pain or injury.  The patient will need local anesthesia or general anesthesia, so they sleep through the procedure.


Recovery times vary depending on the surgery. However, the patient should expect time on crutches followed by a period wearing a cast or walking boot.


Ankle arthroscopy: This is a minimally invasive surgery that involves several small incisions in the ankle. The healthcare team uses special instruments to remove bits of bone or cartilage from the ankle.


Tendon surgery: With chronic tendonitis/synovitis of the ankle, surgery can be as simple as taking out diseased tendon tissue or repairing a tear. It can be complex as Achilles repair/reconstruction and tendon transfer, where a diseased tendon is removed or replaced with another tendon from the foot.


Ankle fracture surgery: If someone has fractured bones in their ankle, surgery can stabilize the breaks and help the bone heal. Screws, metal plates, and small metal wires might hold the broken bone in place during healing. There are several types of surgeries depending on the type of fracture, and the surgeon will talk with them about the specific procedure.


Ankle fusion: During this procedure, surgeons debride the surfaces of the ankle joint affected by arthritis. Then, surgeons fuse or join ankle bones together permanently with screws and metal plates.


Ankle replacement: During ankle replacement surgery, surgeons carefully remove the damaged ankle joint. They replace the damaged bone with a replacement joint made of plastic or metal. In most cases, surgeons attach the replacement joint to the existing bone using special surgical glue. The surgeon might also use screws to help stabilize the ankle replacement.


Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction: It is also known as the Brostrom procedure, is done for chronic ankle instability or foot deformities. The surgeon makes a small cut on the outside of the ankle, then tightens loose and weakened ligaments that cause instability in the ankle.


Get cost-effective Ankle Repair Surgery In India


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