Asperger Syndrome: A Developmental Disorder

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Have you ever noticed those people who don’t interact with others? Sometimes, this is called Asperger syndrome. It is a probative disorder which affects the ability to effectively socialize and communicate with others. It usually happens in kids, but this is common in adults as well. Today we are going to pour some light about this syndrome and how to treat this. Want to know more? Read this blog.


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Define Asperger Syndrome



Asperger syndrome is also called Asperger’s it is a developmental disorder which is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.



A person with AS finds it harder to read social signals, and so it is harder for them to communicate and interact with others. These difficulties can lead to anxiety and confusion.



What are the Symptoms of Aspergers in Adults?


The signs and symptoms of AS vary widely. They include:



1. Restrictive and repetitive interests



Becoming an expert in a single object or topic to the exclusion of all others. Activities usually involve collecting, numbering, or listing.


2. Formal or distinct speech


There may be a lack of rhythm or intonation. Speech can sound flat, monotonous, unusually slow or fast, or the volume may be inappropriate.


3. Social isolation


Poor social skills and a tendency to talk only about their singular interest can lead to isolation. The person can become withdrawn. They may seem uninterested in other people and appear distant or aloof. Making and keeping friends may be challenging.


4. Jokes, sarcasm, and irony may cause distress and confusion:


The person may have a highly literal interpretation of the world. Irony and humor can be difficult for them to understand, leading to frustration and confusion.


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Treatment for Asperger Syndrome


1. Social skills training


In groups or one-on-one sessions, therapists teach your child how to interact with others and express themselves in more appropriate ways. Social skills are frequently best learned by modeling after typical behavior.


This helps improve your kid’s communication skills. For example, he’ll learn how to use a normal up-and-down pattern when he speaks rather than a flat tone. He’ll also get lessons on how to keep up a two-way conversation and understand social cues like hand gestures and eye contact.


2. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)


It helps your child change his way of thinking, so he can better control his emotions and repetitive behaviors. He’ll be able to get a handle on things like outbursts, meltdowns, and obsessions.


3. Parent education and training


You’ll learn many of the same techniques your child is taught so you can work on social skills with him at home. Some families also see a counselor help them deal with the challenges of living with someone with Asperger’s.


6. Applied behavior analysis


It’s a technique that encourages positive social and communication skills in your child and discourages behavior you’d rather not see. The therapist will use praise or other “positive reinforcement” to get results.


5. Medicine


There aren’t any drugs approved by the FDA that specifically treat Asperger’s or autism spectrum disorders. Some medications, though, can help with related symptoms like depression and anxiety. Your doctor may prescribe some of these:


  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)


  • Antipsychotic drugs


  • Stimulant medicines


With the right treatment, your child can learn to control some of the social and communication challenges he faces. He can do well in school and go on to succeed in life.




Here we have discussed in the above blog, Asperger’s syndrome and its symptoms and more importantly the treatment. The effective way to control this syndrome is to take therapy, medications and consult a good doctor who is very experienced.


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