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A lot of GoMedii patients are from countries like Afghanistan, Oman, and other middles east countries. The love and trust received help us provide a great service to our patients. One of the major concerns of our patients from these countries is the treatments related to organs like heart, liver, and kidney.


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If you have your queries regarding the same, sign up and register with us, and our team will contact you as soon as possible. A unique condition of biliary atresia treatment which is not known to many can be very well treated in India with a lot of safe and modern techniques. Read on to know what exactly the surgery is about and how you can come to India for a perfect treatment for any condition you suffer from.


What is the condition of biliary atresia treatment?


One of the rare diseases that take place in infants and even adults are biliary atresia and can be a major issue. Your newborn needs perfect care in such a case. Biliary atresia is a gastrointestinal disorder in which the biliary system is closed or absent. The biliary system is the network of tiny tubular structures and ducts that drain bile from the liver to the small intestine, where it helps the digestive process.


When is the condition diagnosed in infants? After how many months?


The symptoms or the signs of the disease do not take more than 2-8 weeks after birth to come up. You can very well get your child diagnosed if there are any symptoms shown. If not treated at an early stage, it can harm the kid. It is related to the bile juice which is a major digestive system component.


What are the signs and symptoms of Biliary atresia?


When it is in the infants, the doctors can diagnose as mentioned, within weeks. Once it infects the adults, there are other conditions and diseases which can be an indication.




It is a yellow coloring of the skin and eyes due to a very high level of bile pigment in the bloodstream. Jaundice caused by an immature liver is common in newborns.


Dark urine


Also, one of the symptoms of Jaundice, dark urine is caused by the buildup of bilirubin in the blood. The bilirubin is then filtered by the kidney and removed in the urine.


White or clay-colored stools


It happens because no bile or bilirubin coloring is being emptied into the intestine. Bile gives stool its green or brown color, and without such, the stool is without color (often white or gray).


What is bile and what is the role in biliary atresia treatment?


Bile is a liquid secreted by liver cells, made up of cholesterol, bile salts, and waste products. Biliary atresia progressively destroys the bile ducts that carry bile from the liver to the intestine, beginning outside the liver and later affecting bile ducts inside the liver. The damaged ducts prevent the draining of bile from the liver; as a result, bile trapped inside the liver causes damage and scarring that can lead to cirrhosis.


How bad can the condition affect the adults?


The condition when attacks the adults can be a bit more dangerous. Most of our foreign patients suffering from the condition which needed a special surgery method known as the Kasai procedure. Others who suffered the serious stages of the condition were provided the liver transplant option, given the wonderful set of doctors present in the country.


We provide all types of treatment options for our patients to choose from. It very importantly depends on them which of these they choose to opt for. In the case of biliary atresia treatment, there is very specific surgery and a treatment called Kasai procedure, that our doctors have extremely high expertise on.


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What is this Kaisa procedure under biliary atresia treatment in India?


The Kasai procedure involves removing the blocked bile ducts and gallbladder and replacing them with a segment of your child’s own small intestine. This segment of the intestine is sewn to the liver and functions as a new extrahepatic bile duct system.


In the case of the infant going through this particular condition, the operation will be performed by a Pediatric Surgeon who has had special training in the management of surgically correctable problems in children.


The surgeon may be able to operate through many small incisions (laparoscopic surgery) instead of one large (open surgery) incision. The surgeon will determine the safest method of operating and will discuss this with you before the procedure takes place. The operation will take approximately 4 hours to complete.


If your child needs a Kasai procedure, he or she will usually spend seven to ten days recovering in the hospital. During this time, the Kasai will heal, and doctors will give your child medications to prevent ascites or excessive fluid build-up.


In the case of an adult, when the procedure, surgeons first carefully remove the damaged ducts outside of the liver. They use a small segment of the patient’s own intestine to replace the ducts at the spot where bile is expected to drain. This segment not only connects to the liver but also connects to the rest of the intestine. The Y-shaped passageway formed by the Kasai procedure allows bile to flow from the liver into the intestine.


Come to India and choose from our best set of doctors and hospitals that have the facilities to provide you an incredible treatment procedure. You can sign up with us and be rest assured of great service.


What else can be suggested for biliary atresia treatment in India?


Apart from this very particular surgery, the other option that you can be given is Liver Transplant. This happens in most cases because of the extensive damage that the condition has done to the liver. In infants, there is immediate liver transplantation suggested.


What are the causes of biliary atresia?


The causes are still to be made extremely sure. There are no specific ones that we can say causes this condition. As we already know that while you can be born with it, there are conditions that might lead to it which we have discussed under symptoms.


For some children, biliary atresia may occur because the bile ducts did not form properly during pregnancy. For other children with biliary atresia, the bile ducts may be damaged by the body’s immune system in response to a viral infection acquired after birth.


Is there anything that the infant with biliary atresia can suffer?


Apart from the condition of biliary atresia, the infant might suffer from other conditions in the later or near future. Ten to 15 percent of infants with biliary atresia may be born with other problems in the:


  • Heart
  • Spleen
  • Blood vessels
  • Intestine


What is the success rate of the biliary atresia treatment in India?


In approximately 80 percent of infants who undergo a biliary atresia Kasai procedure, bile flow is re-established. Between 25 and 30 percent of these infants will have good or complete bile flow after surgery, with normal levels of bilirubin. The other 50% will have some bile flow. The remaining 20–25% are not helped by the Kasai procedure; they gain little or no bile flow. In these cases, the infants will require liver transplantation.


Why choose GoMedii for your treatments in India?


Taking care of all your needs and also your post-treatment care, we are the best and you will not regret choosing us. We are available for your help through our very own website. You can make us your choice and not think again.


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