Cost of Kidney transplant in India, Way More Affordable

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Organ transplants across the globe are an expensive affair. In India however, it is not only affordable but done with great quality and by a set of skilled medical experts. GoMedii, as a medical tourism company, ensures that our patients get the best facilities in organ transplants. The cost of kidney transplants in India is fairly decent compared to other countries. It is one reason that we receive a lot of inquiries for the same.


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What is the cost of kidney transplants in India?


With India growing stronger under the medical tourism sector we have a lot of medical tourists coming to India for a kidney transplant. The main reason is the price of the treatment. The cost of kidney transplants in India almost ranges from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 20 lakh.


 It actually varies depending upon the donor, the condition, and the post-treatment requirements. Post-2012 there has been a significant increase in organ donations. The Live Kidney Transplant Programme in India has evolved in the past 50 years and is currently the second-largest program in numbers after the USA.


Why do you need a Kidney transplant?


GoMedii International serves a lot of patients from abroad, in most of the forms, we get questions if you need kidney transplant or not. If you have any queries as well, sign up with us and we will provide you the necessary information.

A kidney transplant is necessary when the person’s one or both the kidney is unable to perform the functions. It is to the extent that no filtration process takes place in the body. This becomes harmful and the kidneys have to be removed.

When your liver fails, the body will not be able to work and ultimately leading to death. This makes kidney transplant extremely important.


What is the process of kidney transplants?


During transplantation surgery, the donated kidney is placed inside the recipient’s pelvis and attached to their blood vessels and urinary tract. Their own kidneys are usually left in place. The operation takes up to three hours. After a successful Kidney Replacement Therapy, the recipient no longer needs dialysis or special diets. If a transplanted kidney stops working, dialysis may be necessary again. Another transplant may also be possible.


The responsibility of carrying out organ donations lies with the hospitals. So, with respect to making a success of the treatment lies in, the early identification, certification, and maintenance of the potential donors in the Intensive Care Units are important. At GoMedii International, we are sure of making transplantation a safe process.


Our chains of hospitals are the best in the country. We have a proper screening process to ensure your comfort. At the same time, we make sure you receive the best care. So, download our app or visit our website now!


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