Liposculpture Cost In Dubai: Get The Best Rates!

Dubai has become one of the top medical destinations for providing world-class treatments. The city has some of the best hospitals within its boundaries, along with sought-after medical professionals. Moreover, UAE offers one of the best liposculpture cost in Dubai.


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What Is Liposculpture?


Liposculpture, like liposuction, is a medical procedure that removes excess fat from an individual’s body. It is a minimally invasive procedure that contours the body and removes fat. In some cases, plastic surgeons would purify the fat extracted and insert it into another area for more defined results.


Liposculpture can treat various parts of your body, such as:


  • Arms.


  • Belly.


  • Breasts.


  • Buttocks.


  • Chin.


  • Love handles.


  • Neck.


  • Upper thighs.


What Are The Different Types Of Liposculpture?


There are many ways of using liposculpture on your body parts. It mainly depends on your goals and the size of the treated areas. The techniques include:


  • Laser-assisted liposculpture employs lasers to liquefy fat.


  • Power-assisted liposculpture utilizes a vibrating wand for breaking down fat cells into smaller fragments for removal.


  • Ultrasound-assisted liposculpture employs ultrasound waves to disintegrate fat cells, making removal easier.


What Are The Benefits Of Liposculpture?


There are numerous benefits of liposculpture. This procedure is ideal when diet and exercise have become ineffective. The benefits are:


  • Procedures are performed under local anesthesia, ensuring quick recovery.


  • This method leaves no scarring or bruising and is entirely safe with no side effects.


  • Utilizing technologies like lasers and ultrasound, it safeguards arteries, blood vessels, and surrounding tissues.


  • Those unsuitable for traditional liposuction can consider this option.


  • Multiple immediate effects are achievable without surgery, enhancing skin quality and reducing volume.


  • It’s minimally invasive, causing minimal discomfort, and is cost-effective with swift results.


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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Liposculpture?


You’re a good candidate for liposculpture if you:


  • Are close to your ideal weight.


  • Are in good health.


  • Have tighter, more elastic skin.


  • Want to sculpt smaller areas of your body.


But liposculpture is not ideal for you if:


  • You’re above your ideal weight.


  • You smoke and can’t quit before the procedure.


  • You have sagging, loose skin.


  • Your weight fluctuates frequently.


  • You have a medical condition that makes it unsafe.


How To Prepare For Liposculpture?


Your plastic surgeon will provide precise guidance for your procedure preparation. This includes actions such as refraining from:


  • Consuming alcohol.


  • Using aspirin, ibuprofen, or similar medications that can elevate bleeding risks.


  • Taking certain herbal supplements.


  • Smoking.


Liposculpture Procedure


Liposculpture typically lasts two to four hours, depending on the number of treatment areas.


In the liposculpture procedure, plastic surgeons utilize a slender suction tube called a cannula, which involves the following steps:


  • Injection of a solution containing local anesthetic and epinephrine into the fat.


  • Creation of a small incision in your skin.


  • Insertion of the cannula through the incision to remove the fat.


If you’re undergoing liposculpture with fat transfer, your plastic surgeon will also purify the extracted fat and place it in your desired area.


 Liposculpture Vs Liposuction Vs Lipo 360


Lipo 360 refers to a comprehensive procedure that targets the entire midsection for an overall figure enhancement, while Liposculpture focuses on smaller areas with a 3D shaping goal. Liposuction typically involves larger incisions and is suitable for larger fat removal. Each procedure has its own advantages and is chosen based on individual goals and needs.


Aspect Liposculpture Liposuction Lipo 360
Treatment Area Defines smaller areas for precise sculpting Removes larger amounts of fat Targets multiple areas (e.g., abdomen, waist)
Anesthesia Local anesthesia Sometimes general anesthesia Local anesthesia
Recovery Quick recovery Recovery time may be longer Recovery time varies
Precision Focuses on detail and 3D shaping Efficient for larger fat removal Comprehensive sculpting of midsection
Fat Removal Effective for smaller areas Suitable for larger fat reduction May include large fat removal
Procedure Complexity Involves advanced techniques and equipment Traditional body sculpting procedures Complex, requires advanced equipment
Target Areas Can target face, neck, and small regions Commonly used on abdomen, waist, back Focuses on the entire midsection
Fat Cell Preservation Maintains fat cell health Fat cells may not be preserved Healthy fat cells can be transferred (if needed)

Liposculpture Cost In Dubai


The liposculpture cost in Dubai ranges between USD 3000 to USD 4000, depending on the technique employed and the body parts targeted.


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Liposculpture Hospitals In Dubai


Many renowned hospitals in Dubai specialize in cosmetic procedures like liposculpture. These hospitals house cutting-edge medical technology to provide seamless treatment to their patients. GoMedii has compiled a list of top liposculpture hospitals in Dubai for your convenience.


The hospitals are:


  1. American Hospital
  2. NMC Specialty Hospital
  3. Zulekha Hospital
  4. Aster Hospital
  5. Canadian Specialist Hospital
  6. Saudi German Hospital
  7. RAK Hospital
  8. Dubai Hospital
  9. Mediclinic Parkview Hospital
  10. Burjeel


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What Are The Complications Of Liposculpture?


Consulting an experienced plastic surgeon for liposculpture significantly lowers the chances of complications. However, potential liposculpture complications encompass:


  • Bleeding.


  • Blood clots.


  • Accumulation of fluids beneath the skin.


  • Irregular contours.


  • Hard lumps beneath the skin (nodular fibrosis).


  • Infection.


  • Numbness.


  • Scarring.


  • Skin burns.


  • Alterations in skin color


FAQs On Liposculpture Cost In Dubai


1. Is liposculpture better than liposuction?


Liposculpture can offer more precise shaping but may not be better for all cases; it depends on the individual’s goals.


2. Are liposculpture results permanent?


Liposculpture results can be long-lasting, but maintaining them depends on a healthy lifestyle.


3. What is the liposculpture cost in Dubai?


The liposculpture cost in Dubai ranges between USD 3000 to USD 4000, depending on the technique employed and the body parts targeted.


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