Did You Know About the Myocarditis Treatment? Here It Is

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Your heart needs that extra care and you must give it. Imagine if the pumping of your heart stops, what would happen? Well, there is a condition that actually makes this scary thing happen. Myocarditis is related to the heart and it is a condition when the heart does not pump the blood because of blood clots.


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If you want to know about the availability of myocarditis treatment, it is easily available because of the advancement of technology in the medical industry. Yet not every country has it. It is no more a worry though, GoMedii has got the right options for you!

There are various types of heart-related diseases and they can occur at any age but it mostly affects older people. Here we will tell you about it in detail.

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What Is Myocarditis?



This condition is noticed by the doctor when the heart muscle is inflamed (which is also known as myocardium). The myocardium muscle help to pump blood in and out of the heart and to the rest of the body.

When this process is not going in the right way, then your heart has to struggle to do this. Due to this, your heartbeat is abnormal (arrhythmias) chest pain, or trouble breathing.

In some serious cases, it may cause blood clots and it can lead to a stroke or heart attack, damage to your heart with heart failure, or death.

Many times myocarditis is due to a viral infection, but it can result from a reaction to a drug or a general inflammatory condition. You don’t need to worry about it myocarditis treatment is available. But you should know the symptoms first.


What Are The Symptoms Of Myocarditis?


Myocarditis is dangerous because it can affect anyone. Sometimes you have a mild case of myocarditis, then you have chest pain or shortness of breath. When you are in the early stages, you might have no symptoms.

In extreme cases, myocarditis symptoms depend on the causes of the disease. The common symptoms are includes:


  • Fatigue


  • Fever


  • Joint pain


  • Achy feeling in the chest


  • Lower extremity swelling


  • Rapid or abnormal heart rhythms


You don’t need to worry about it, myocarditis treatment is available and it is performed by an experienced cardiologist but it will depend on the patient’s condition.


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What Options Are Available For Myocarditis Treatment?



When anyone has myocarditis then they will look at what treatment options are available. Myocarditis treatment depends on the severity and causes of the myocardial inflammation. In many cases, the condition improves with proper measures, and the patient recovers completely. Treatment may include:


  • Corticosteroid therapy: In case, myocarditis is continued in a patient then your cardiologist will prescribe you some medicines to reduce the inflammation.


  • Behavioral changes: In serious cases, doctors will also recommend fluid restriction, rest, and a low-salt diet.


  • Antibiotic therapy: Sometimes they will use antibiotic therapy in patients with bacterial myocarditis because it may help treat the infection.


  • Diuretic therapy: The doctor will use this to remove the excess fluid from the patient body. A doctor may also prescribe some medicines that help to ease heart work.


In severe cases, other treatments also recommend by the doctors. It includes:


  • Ventricular assist devices (VAD): It is used for patients with weakened hearts or heart failure. VADs can be used to recover a heart or sometimes waiting for other treatments, like a heart transplant.


  • Intravenous medications: This method will help to improve the patient’s heart-pumping function very fast.


  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO): For those people who have severe heart failure, this device can provide oxygen to the patient’s body, when the patient’s blood is removed from the body. ECMO is a machine and it removes carbon dioxide and provides oxygen to the blood.


  • Intra-aortic balloon pump: It helps to increase the blood flow in the patient body and decrease the workload on the heart. A doctor will use a catheter in the patient’s leg and guide it to the heart using X-ray imaging.


It is not necessary for all the patients, sometimes patients will recover by only medication. A doctor might consider urgent heart transplantation in serious cases or recommend any of these treatments. To diagnose myocarditis doctor will suggest some tests.


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How To Diagnose?



When your healthcare provider early diagnosed myocarditis, then it prevents you from long-term heart damage. It can be difficult to diagnose by the doctor, but a doctor suggests several tests to determine the source of the symptoms. It includes:


  • Chest X-ray


  • Blood testing


  • Electrocardiogram


  • Echocardiogram (ultrasound imaging of the heart)


  • Biopsy (Sample of heart muscle tissue)


  • MRI


When doctors see any of these test reports, then they will decide which myocarditis treatment is suitable for a patient.


What Are The Exact Causes Of Myocarditis?


Till now, the exact reasons are not known. In many cases, the cause of myocarditis is a viral infection. Myocarditis reached the patient’s heart muscle through a viral infection, fungal infection, bacteria, autoimmune diseases, and parasites.


Can Myocarditis Improve On Its Own?


Yes, in some patients it improves on its own but sometimes you may need treatment and then you have complete recovery. Myocarditis treatment only focuses on the symptoms and the cause like heart failure. In mild cases, a person does not need treatment they will recover by medications.


After Treatment Survival Rate!


After getting a successful treatment, there are so many patients who live long, full lives free from the effects of myocarditis. Your doctor will guide you in a better way after the treatment for a quick recovery.


How serious It Is?


In extreme cases of myocarditis, it can permanently damage the heart muscle and it can also cause heart failure. When it is untreated, then myocarditis can damage your heart’s muscle and it can’t pump blood effectively in the whole body. In this situation, the doctor may recommend a heart transplant or ventricular assist device (VAD).


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