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Eardrum perforation can be a serious issue, especially for children. A ruptured eardrum is also known as a tympanic membrane perforation. Perforation of the eardrum can lead to serious problems such as ear infections or a loss of hearing. Oftentimes, extensive surgery is required to repair the damage. This is where myringoplasty comes in.


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Myringoplasty treatment is expensive and hard to pursue in many parts and countries of the world. For a family stuck in such a situation where they require myringoplasty treatment but cannot pursue it in their own country can be a difficult problem. It is an advanced procedure that requires intensive, and technologically advanced surgery. This is what makes it so difficult to undergo. However, Myringoplasty Treatment in India is extremely affordable and accessible for international patients.


Medical services in India see new levels of technology and skill every year. Invasive surgeries that were once difficult are now commonly available throughout India with above 95% success rates. These surgeries are conducted by the best, internationally trained teams of healthcare professionals and doctors. At the same time, pursuing these surgeries in India is extremely affordable as well.


International patients can pursue the best treatments in India through GoMedii. GoMedii works hand in hand with some of the best hospitals and institutes in India. Experience the best of Myrignoplasty Treatment In India through GoMedii.


At GoMedii, we help countless patients from countries around the world including patients from countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Sudan, Oman as well as Nigeria, who need to pursue treatment in India. Several patients from these countries have pursued successful Myringoplasty in India through GoMedii.


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What Is Myringoplasty?


Give Your Ears the Best Myringoplasty Treatment in India Through GoMedii


A myringoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to repair a hole in the eardrum. The whole is repaired through either a skin-tissue graft or a gel-like material commonly used for eardrum reparation.


The eardrum or the tympanic membrane is what separates the inner and outer ear. The thin membrane vibrates when sound waves hit it, and helps in hearing.


A hole in the eardrum can occur from several factors and is more common in children. These factors include an aggressive ear infection in the middle or outer ear or an injury. The eardrum could have also been purposely perforated for a procedure for draining out fluid from the ear known as myringotomy.


Patients can tell their eardrum is perforated if they blow their nose and hear the air come out of the ear, or if the patient is suffering from hearing loss.


Although most eardrum perforations can heal on their own, if the perforation and symptoms last over a month, the problem can be serious. In such a scenario, surgery would be necessary.


Through a myringoplasty treatment, patients can expect a successfully fixed eardrum hole, reduced risks of infections, and complete restoration or great improvement of hearing.


When Does a Patient Need Myringoplasty Treatment?


Myringoplasty is an ideal treatment for eardrum ruptures. Eardrum ruptures can have several different causes.


The primary reason for eardrum ruptures is usually an ear infection. An infection aggravates the middle ear and reaches the eardrum. This can lead to a perforation in the eardrum. Patients may notice this when the pressure they’ve been feeling in their ears suddenly vanishes. When this happens, a discharge may also leak from the ear. Patients may also lose partial or complete hearing in the infected ear.


Patients, or as is mostly in this case, children, may poke their ears with foreign objects. This can also lead to eardrum perforation.


Oftentimes, a cotton Q-tip, or any other thin object like a pencil is inserted too deep into the ear canal. This can damage the ear and lead to eardrum perforation. Patients should refrain from inserting foreign objects into their ears.


Barotrauma is also a cause of eardrum perforations. Situations such as an airplane changing its altitude, or a submarine diving deep underwater, can cause trauma to the eardrums. This trauma caused by a variation in air pressure can cause an eardrum perforation.


Other causes of eardrum perforations can be a slap on the ear or acoustic trauma due to loud noise. In such cases, the best treatment to undergo is a myringoplasty treatment.


How is the Need for Myringoplasty Treatment Diagnosed?


To diagnose the need for myringoplasty in the case of a ruptured eardrum, a few tests are involved. Usually, minor eardrum perforations heal on their own. However, surgery is necessary in the case of perforations that are large, along the edge of the eardrum, or are caused by infections.


To diagnose the need for myringoplasty, the following tests will be considered.


Otoscopic Exam


An otoscope is used to look inside the ear with the help of an inbuilt light. Using this instrument, doctors can observe if there is a tear in the ear by looking inside it. The doctor may also attach a rubber pump to the otoscope. The function of this is blowing air into the ear canal and checking the movement of the eardrum.


Audiology Test


Another test that checks the damage of the perforated eardrum and also determines its effect on the patient’s hearing is the audiology test. This may be done using a tuning fork or through a pair of headphones that play different frequency tones. Through this, doctors can determine the extent of damage to the patient’s hearing due to the perforated eardrum. Normally, loss of hearing due to a perforated eardrum is temporary and returns once the eardrum heals post-surgery.


In case there is too much discharge or wax in the ear, the doctor may prescribe ear drops to help clear the ear before proceeding with the tests.



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Myringoplasty Treatment Procedure: What to Expect


The eardrum is 8 mm in size across its circumference and is made of a thin skin. When the eardrum is perforated, it makes the patient susceptible to infections and damage. It also affects hearing as the eardrum is not vibrating normally anymore. Hence, the purpose of a myringoplasty treatment is to seal that hole and renew hearing. This surgery will also remove the patient’s affinity for ear infections.


To begin with, for a myringoplasty the patient will first be put under general anesthesia. This means, that the patient will be asleep for the treatment and will not undergo any pain.


In a traditional myringoplasty, a cut is made above the ear to procure a skin graft or a thin piece of skin tissue. This graft is used to repair the hole in the eardrum. The myringoplasty procedure is conducted through the ear canal using thin and small instruments.


The eardrum is spread out and the surgeon applies the skin graft under the perforation. With the help of a microscope, sticky and dissolvable material is used to support the skin graft until it heals. Once the grafting has been completed, the ear canal is stuffed with a dressing soaked in antibiotics. The dressing covers the ear canal for 3 to 4 weeks until the eardrum and the graft heal.


The patient may notice some soreness in the ear post-operation. This is normal. The patient may also experience discomfort when opening and closing their mouth. The patient will be given painkillers for this soreness.


It is important that while the eardrum heals, patients should avoid blowing their nose or sneezing. If the patient must sneeze, they should do so without stifling or trying to stop it. Weird noises in the ear may occur due to the damp dressing but will pass once the dressing is removed.


If stitches were applied to the ear for the skin draft, they will be removed a week after the operation. At this point, the surgeon or doctor may also examine the ear and tell the patient about its progress.


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Myringoplasty Treatment Cost in India


State-of-the-art myringoplasty treatment may not be available across the world and in countries such as South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Cambodia where a majority of our patients are from. International patients can pursue myringoplasty treatment in India through GoMedii.


This is what makes India a prime medical tourism location, with world-class care at affordable and pocket-friendly costs. Through GoMedii, international patients can pursue myringoplasty treatment in India for $1000- 3000 USD* compared to the $40,000 plus price point in the US and elsewhere.


Tests recommended by doctors for the treatment include Otoscopic Test, audiology test, and hematology test.


Patients can expect an over 98% rate of success in myringoplasty treatment in India.


*Costs can vary based on the patient’s condition, specialized requirements for travel to India, and other factors.


Why Pursue Myringoplasty Treatment in India through GoMedii?


Medical care in India has seen major advancement in recent years. It is more affordable to pursue the best possible healthcare in India compared to what is offered internationally. International patients can take advantage of India’s state of the art healthcare and efficient treatments, through GoMedii. GoMedii is helping international patients as not only a medical tourism partner but a medical treatment partner as well.


GoMedii works with the best hospitals, institutes, clinics, and professionals to provide international patients with the treatments they need, quickly and at the most affordable costs. GoMedii is the go-to medical treatment partner for many international patients.


This is because at GoMedii, unlike our competitors, we help our family of international patients every step of the way. From initiating their treatment process in India, assisting with medical visas and paperwork, to booking accommodation, GoMedii does it all for their patients.


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