Osteonecrosis: Tackle This Bone and Muscle Disorder

Vaibhav Saxena

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The Osteonecrosis is a bone-affecting disorder which is developed by over 20,000 people annually. Majorly, people who comprise in middle age of their lifetime, generally 20 years to 50 years are more likely to fall prey to this condition. This condition is basically a phenomenon which leads to alarming damage to bones and severe bone condition.


However, the condition requires intensive care and consultation with the doctor in order to control the ailment. This bone disorder is easy to control at its initial whereas as the time passes the condition evolves itself into an extreme chronic and fatal syndrome.



What is Osteonecrosis?

The Osteonecrosis definition states it is a disease which causes fatal consequences like killing and eliminating the cells of the bone. This disease is also known as aseptic necrosis, avascular necrosis (AVN), and ischemic bone necrosis. The bones are ruptured to an extreme level due to this disease which later becomes enough severe that bone loses all of its strength and potential.



The severity of this condition is entirely undefined as the location of the body where this condition will strike is completely unpredictable and unknown. Majorly, it is aroused in the hip joint area which later hinders the sufferer to perform regular activities like sitting, walking, running and even bending.



According to the situation and position of the avascular necrosis (AVN), it can be categorized into many kinds that are Osteonecrosis jaw, Osteonecrosis hips, Osteonecrosis shoulder, Osteonecrosis knee and vice versa. The bone is often collapsed and torn out due to this disease as well, which gives birth to another problem that is chronic arthritis and irregular joint surface.



What are Osteonecrosis Causes?

The aseptic necrosis is generally an outcome of irregular blood flow which can be reduced as well. In simpler words, the bones of a human body are ruptured after a due time and the body’s mechanism is to replace those ruptured bones with new bones.


Meanwhile, in this case of disease, the bones are ruptured way faster than the normal duration and the body fails to produce new ones in due times. Also, there are few more factors and conditions that lead to the reduced blood flow. Major ones are highlighted below.


1. Injury: There are bone conditions like dislocation or fracture of femur bone which is the longest bones of the human body. Such a condition can arouse irregular blood flow and damage to the bone’s surface for the long-term duration.


2. Corticosteroid Medications: The Corticosteroid Medications are the ones which are used in high demand for treating the diseases which are caused due to inflammation. There are a few examples of diseases that are caused by inflammation are vasculitis, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease.


3. There few many other factors like diseases and conditions that are pre-acquired by the person, and the avascular necrosis (AVN) is triggered by them. Few examples are:


What are Osteonecrosis Symptoms?

The symptoms of the ischemic bone necrosis are visible after a course of time. At the primary stage, the condition is quite asymptomatic, all a patient encounter is just discomfort. After a time when the condition is left untreated, the chronic symptoms begin to strike.



Severe pain and discomfort are caused to the person when the affected bone is pressurized for the usage. Also, stiffness and disability emerge from the affected bone joints. The person can even lose the capability to perform motor functions of the body.



What is Osteonecrosis Treatment?

There are many procedures that support the treatment of the avascular necrosis (AVN). The mild stage of the disease is majorly management based which involves medications to support the affected bone joint. However, there are many surgical procedures as well which supports the procedure of treatment. Surgical measures are mentioned below:

  • Core decompression
  • Osteotomy
  • Bone Grafts
  • Vascularized bone graft
  • Total joint replacement




The bones are the crucial part of the body which provides the frame and structure. Apart from the aforementioned, bones are the one which helps in providing the strength to the body to perform regular tasks. Whereas, Osteonecrosis has the potential to destruct your bones so it is better to keep a check on your bone health through regular consultation and diet.

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