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In general human body has 78 organs and all help to maintain a healthy living life. Every organ has its own importance, but today we are talking about the pancreas. In our body pancreas produce enzymes that help with digestion. In case this process is stopped, then it can be chances of chronic pancreatitis. Here we will tell what it is, who is at more risk, and what are the causes, symptoms.


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What Is Chronic Pancreatitis?



Sometimes we are doing few things that are harmful to our body still, we are doing that. This carelessness creates a problem. Now back to the point, chronic pancreatitis is an inflammation of our pancreas. After some time it can get worse and leads to permanent damage. The chances of chronic pancreatitis are eventually harmful and patients are not able to digest food and make pancreatic hormones.


Who Has More Chances Of Chronic Pancreatitis?


In case you are drinking too much alcohol then it can increase your risk of developing chronic pancreatitis. According to doctors when alcoholics are used to smoking, it will increase the risk of the chances of chronic pancreatitis. It develops in people between the ages of 30 and 40 and it is also very common among men than women.


Symptoms of Chronic Pancreatitis


Sometimes you do not have any symptoms. When you have chronic pancreatitis then you feel any of these symptoms. It includes:


  • Diarrhea


  • Vomiting and nausea



  • Pain in your upper abdomen


  • Unexplained weight loss


  • Excessive thirst and fatigue


  • Oily or fatty stools


  • Clay-colored or pale stools


Causes Of Chronic Pancreatitis


The causes and chances of chronic pancreatitis are unknown, but the most common cause is long-term consumption of alcohol. Certain other factors have been identified to cause chronic pancreatitis:


  • Familial pancreatitis


  • Excess consumption of alcohol


  • Autoimmune conditions (sometimes body’s immune system attacks its own body)


  • Blocked pancreatic duct or bile duct


  • Genetic mutations due to cystic fibrosis


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Is Chronic Pancreatitis Cured By It Self?


It can’t be cured by itself. If it is diagnosed at the right time then it can be treated. But you can prevent it with diet and lifestyle changes and medication. In chronic cases of pancreatitis, a doctor will suggest some treatment options that can help you to manage your symptoms.


How Chronic Pancreatitis Is Diagnosed?



To diagnose, your doctor will look at your abdomen and suggest a blood test and they also suggest any of these tests:


  • X-rays


  • Ultrasounds


  • CT (Computerized tomography) scans


  • MRI (Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography) scans


After they will check any of these tests then they will decide which treatment is suitable for the patients.


How It Is Treated?



With the help of a treatment, the doctor focuses on reducing your pain and helps to improve your current condition (digestive system). However, the damage to your pancreas cannot be undone, but under the guidance of a specialist then proper care is possible. Due to this, a patient will be able to manage the symptoms.


Chances of chronic pancreatitis can be treated with certain medications, endoscopic therapies, or surgery.


  • Medication is used when you have chronic pancreatitis. And the doctor will use pain reliefs, use insulin when you have diabetes and use steroids when someone has autoimmune pancreatitis.


  • Endoscopy: It reduces the pain and gets rid of blockages. The endoscope is a long, flexible tube that uses by the doctor and inserts through your mouth. With the help of this procedure, a doctor removes the pancreatic stones and also places small tubes called stents but it is not necessary for all. It depends on the patient’s condition and it helps to improve the flow and closes the leakages.


  • Surgery: It is not necessary for all but it depends on the patient’s health and this decision is taken by the doctor. When you have extreme pain and that does not relive from medication, then the doctor will remove some part of your pancreas. This provides you some relief.


How Long Does Chronic Pancreatitis Last?


The acute episodes can be at least for one day, if you have chronic pancreatitis then you may experience pain last for weeks or month but it varies from person to person.




The CP will depend on the severity and underlying cause of the disease. Other factors can also affect your chances of chronic pancreatitis recovery. It includes your age at the time of diagnosis and whether you continue to drink alcohol, but treatment will improve your condition.


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