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Are you suffering from shortsightedness( myopia) OR astigmatism ?? Tired of wearing heavy spectacles? Do you have any laser surgery as an option in your mind? There are new and advanced methods for treating this issue. India is home to the finest best surgery hospital in India.


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SMILE or ReLEx SMILE (Refractive Lenticule Extraction, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a treatment that is a further development of the Femto-LASIK procedure. You can contact us to get the best ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery in India at an affordable cost, Contact us to know more. 


Get Affordable ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery In India


Your eyes are one of the most precious and sensitive organs of the body and going through surgeries and treatments can be risky, trust only specialists. If you are confused you can simply drop your query, our team will contact you soon. 


ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery, Facts about ReLeX SMILE Surgery, ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery cost in India, advantages of SMILE laser eye surgery


What is ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery? 


It is a type of bladeless eye surgery. ReLEX SMILE surgery is the latest advancement in laser vision correction to correct deformities like shortsightedness and astigmatism with outstanding results. Though there are many other traditional methods to treat these problems, eye specialists recommend SMILE as it has excellent advantages.


Facts about ReLeX SMILE Surgery


  • During this procedure, the VisuMax femtosecond laser is used, which is recognized worldwide as Carl Zeiss Meditec makes the technology.


  • SMILE can correct up to -10.00 diopters shortsightedness.


SMILE laser eye surgery is developed using a VisuMax femtosecond laser. The surgeon uses the laser to create a small, lens-shaped bit of tissue within the cornea. Then, a small arc-shaped incision is made on the surface of the cornea, and the surgeon extracts the lenticule through this incision and discards it.


What is ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery cost in India?


ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery can cost from $1100-$3500, our doctors are specialists and well-trained in their field. Drop a query to know more and to get the best treatment at an affordable cost. 


What are the advantages of SMILE laser eye surgery?


  • This treatment takes less than 15 minutes, with the laser only used for a fraction of this time.
  • Better for the stability of the cornea.
  • Less risk of developing dry eyes.
  • Quick recovery time.
  • More patients are eligible for SMILE.
  • No flap complications.
  • No discomfort thanks to the use of numbing drops.


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Are you eligible for ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery?


The patient should be 22 years or above. They should not have more than -0.5 D of astigmatism and the eyeglasses prescription should be stable for at least 12 months.


ReLeX SMILE over traditional LASIK


ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery, Facts about ReLeX SMILE Surgery, ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery cost in India, advantages of SMILE laser eye surgery


  • In LASIK surgery, a large opening is made to reshape the cornea. However, SMILE has a space as small as 4mm to treat the cornea.


  • LASIK surgery involves cutting a flap and folding it backward to remove corneal tissue. On the other hand, ReLEX SMILE uses a minimal procedure and does not require any flap folding.


  • LASIK tends to generate more tears. ReLEX SMILE is suitable for dry eyes as it uses an advanced technology called a keyhole. This keeps the cornea stable, and the flow of tears is hardly disturbed.


  • While LASIK uses a traditional method of surgery, ReLEX SMILE uses 100% femtosecond technology that is recognized worldwide and has a very high reputation. It is also considered to be the safest and most precise method of correcting visual disorders.


  • Shortsightedness up to -10 diopters can be treated with the ReLEx SMILE procedure. The Femto-LASIK treatment was only recommended to patients with refraction up to a maximum of -8 diopters.


  • Furthermore, it is even suitable for patients with higher ametropia, thinner cornea, or dry eyes. A thinner cornea (min. 480 micrometers) is also not an issue because with the ReLEx SMILE procedure, it remains fully intact and the tissue ablation does not go as deep.


  • In contrast to Femto-LASIK, the nerves in the upper corneal layer, necessary for the regulation of the tear film, are retained mainly reducing the risk of dry eyes after the operation. A further advantage is that pain or a strong feeling of a foreign body on the cornea is not felt with ReLEx SMILE since laser treatment takes place inside the cornea.


ReLeX SMILE Laser Surgery Through GoMedii.


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