Cost Of Surgical Treatments for L5-S1 In India

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How many times have you complained regarding a backache and made sure that you go get it checked? We are sure the number of such incidents happening is very less. We ignore such symptoms giving it a plea of “it keeps happening”.


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This can lead to you searching for Surgical Treatments for L5-S1 if you do not take quick & serious action. A similar case for surgical treatments for L5 was received by GoMedii from Bangladesh. Spine surgeries have seen a rise in people gluing to a slow and lazy along with a continuous sitting lifestyle. What are the options for the Surgery, get to know here so you can book your treatment with us!


Options for Surgical Treatments for L5-S1


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To know the options for the treatment, you must understand in simple terms what are we talking about. Are we discussing the entire spine? Or Does this involve just a part of the vertebral column? This is something you must be clear about.


What is an L5-S1 Disc?


L5-S1 is the spinal segment located right below the belt line. It is the last segment of the lower back, articulating with the sacrum, which you commonly call the tailbone.


There are three major segments causing any spinal issue, however, L5-S1 while being the most common is also one of the most painful of all. Most of the surgical processes are concerned with this particular aspect of the spine.


What is the l5-s1 surgery success rate?


Before we went ahead with our Bangladeshi patients, they asked us certain questions regarding the Surgical Treatments for L5-S1. One of them is what has been the success rate of this surgery. This surgery has been one of the most successful spine surgery in India, just drop your query to get your surgery done!


What involves L5-s1 disc degeneration treatment?


The lower back as mentioned before one of the most common locations for any discomfort. This one also includes disc bulge and disc herniation. It won’t be a surprise if we mention that it is also the most common site for a slipped disc in the lower back. Wish to guess the second most common site? Well, it is L5-S1!


Premature wear and tear of spinal discs as seen in degenerative disc disease is the leading cause of herniated discs at L5-S1. Spinal disc-related conditions are all linked to disc degeneration; for the L5-S1 disc to be herniated, it must have pre-existing degenerative changes.


Healthy discs will not herniate at all. Individuals with damaged or degenerated discs are at greater risk of developing a herniated L5-S1 disc. Common causes of spinal disc herniations include:


  • Prolong sitting
  • Sitting in a forward bending posture
  • Excessive bending or twisting at the back
  • Improper lifting
  • Slip and falls
  • Injuries


A herniated L5-S1 disc can press and impinge nerves and the spinal cord. This compression can lead to discomfort, aches, and pains in the back, buttocks, hips, thighs, legs feet, or toes. It may also cause numbness, tingling, and weakness in the thighs, legs, knees, ankles, feet, or toes.


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What are the Surgical Treatments for L5-S1?


Cost Of Surgical Treatments for L5-S1 In India, Options for Surgical Treatments for L5-S1, l5-s1 surgery success rate, Surgical Treatments for L5-S1


Let us now look into the various options you can choose from if you go for Surgical Treatments for L5-S1. You can judge for yourself and then book an appointment with us!




Under this surgical method, a part of the disc material near the nerve root is taken out. A portion of the bone adjacent to the nerve root may also be trimmed to relieve compression.




A part or all of the area of bone at the back of the vertebra or the spine is removed in order to provide more room for the cauda equina.




The opening for the spinal nerve root (intervertebral foramen) is enlarged by trimming bony overgrowth, relieving the compression.




The facet joints are trimmed to relieve compression of nerve roots.


Lumbar interbody fusion:


A degenerated disc is removed and L5-S1 vertebrae are fused together with implants or bone grafts. While performing a fusion surgery, the spinal fixation of the S1 segment usually presents a greater risk of failure (pseudarthrosis) compared to L5.


Get Surgical Treatments for L5-S1 with GoMedii


If you are looking for Surgical Treatments for L5-S1 in India, you have come to the right place. We have tie-ups with the best hospital in India and are well equipped and have well-reputed specialists who will provide you with the best treatment according to your health. You can drop your query on our website or can simply contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9599004311) call us at +91 9599004311 or email us at our team will contact you as soon as possible.


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