6 Ways to Wake Up Happier; Kick Start You Morning

Anju Bisht

, Health A2Z

“Early to bed and early to rise” are the old ones to consider. Time for you to understand, “Early to bed and happy to rise.” You click the snooze button the moment a ring of alarm reaches your ear. Up until you realize you will be late. Dragging your body- as if, halfdead- to get ready and waking up like this makes you unhappy. What if, there are ways to wake up happier- yes there are!


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No more being a bear with a sore head every morning. When emotions can be dealt with positive thoughts then why not make every morning a positive new start. So, kick start your days with things making you a happy bird every morning.


6 Ways to Wake Up Happier


1.  Know what excites you


Remember? As a child, birthdays made you wake up happier than ever. The point here is “birthdays” were exciting for you. To wake up happier is no big deal all you need is a little excitement every morning. Come to think of it- excitement can be anything like wearing a newly bought dress, planning to go out on a date or to have a family dine out.


2. Thoughts are the driving factor


Your emotions are the response to your thoughts. The positive your thought process will be, the happier you will be. Start your morning by thinking about what makes you feel happy. You can think of a happy moment you had yesterday or the day before or follows. Or get yourself a funny or motivation quote pasted on the wall where you can see it the moment you wake up.


3. Believe- Smile to brighten your days


Pretending to be happy holds no good. Sleep with a smile on your face thinking the next morning will be a pretty one gives you a positivity itself to wake up happier.


Ever noticed- when in a new relationship “Gud nights and Swt dreams” actually made you sleep soundly and wake up happily. Why wait for someone to say the same to you? Say it yourself and sleep with a smile- so will you be counting this one among the ways to wake up happier?


4. Fresh breeze of dawn


Let’s say you don’t feel like going for a walk in the morning. Fine. Give this one a shot just for yourself- wake up when its dawn, sit somewhere in the open to get some chilling fresh breeze while both eyes closed. Feel the sound and freshness, think about something happy. Believe me, you would not regret doing this.

PS: Sitting in a swing will add extra sweetness to this act.


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5. Set melody for alarms


Well prepared to wake up happily in the morning but an annoying melody of the alarm haywire everything. Make sure to set a sound that is soft and tends to get louder bit by bit. The melody of soft music will not frustrate your mood, it will give you better peace of mind.


6. Find beauty and peace


Just personal experience- light a dim lamp or scented candles at a distance in your room which is in your sight. While considering the room to be dark, just the view will make your morning happier.


Lastly- these are just a point to read until and unless you act on them. Treat your morning an opportunity, or an everyday chore to get it done. Fill your morning with good thoughts, joy, and smiles and say goodbye to not-so-perfect mornings.


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