7 Signs That Indicate You Suffer from Fear of Intimacy

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What is a Fear of Intimacy or intimacy phobia?


Do it really harmful to us?


So today lets talk about this condition. The fear of intimacy is understandable and common, but the inability to overcome this fear will ruin your relationships. You must first recognize the subtle signs of fear of intimacy, so you must tackle the problem.


There are many types of anger, and it helps to find out what type you are expressing. An unconscious fear of intimacy can also cause the negative response in a relationship, as well as one of the ways that fear can manifest itself is anger.


Let’s talk about a specific fear of relationships and it’s the fear of intimacy.


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Following are Top 7 Signs That Indicate You Suffer from Fear of Intimacy:


  • You never sit still like you are always thinking or probably a workaholic.


  • In your social circle, you are known as someone who is very positive.


  • You ultimately become the strong one than others.


  • You will always appear perfectly all the time.


  • You will be never confused about anything which means you exactly know what you want.


  • You behave or appear different to different people.


  • You always have a strong opinion.




What is Fear of Intimacy?



The fear of intimacy is usually a social phobia and an anxiety disorder that causes difficulties in establishing close relationships with another person.


The term can also refer to a scale in a psychometric test or a type of adult psychology of attachment theory.


The fear of intimacy, a fear of being physically and/or emotionally close to another individual. This fear can also be defined as “the inhibited ability of an individual to interact with another individual who is highly valued for fear, thoughts, and feelings of personal importance.”


The fear of intimacy is an expression of existential opinions in the sense that loving makes life more precious and death more inevitable. It is often the result of past traumas such as rape or sexual abuse of children. The fear of intimacy is also linked to the fear of being touched.




What are the Symptoms of Fear of Intimacy?



There are many physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms and signs that indicate the fear of phobia of privacy.


Physical symptoms include muscle pain, nausea, sweating, gastrointestinal discomfort, increased heart rate, and tremors of being intimate with someone. Often, these signs are confused with other diseases when in reality they are the way the body is prepared for a fight or flight response to intimacy.


Anxiety and panic attacks are also the sign of a person suffering from the fear of intimacy. The person may feel frightened and confused and find difficulty in distinguishing between reality and unreality.


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What are the Causes of Fear of Intimacy?


Abandonment and immersion are the two main factors that can cause fear of intimacy. It is likely that the patient will fear intimacy with a partner who believes that he will eventually leave. (In the case of the fear of immersion, the individual fears losing “his individuality” because of the relationship).


In general, the phobia is basically rooted in childhood which can be due to painful romantic relationships in adulthood can also lead to such a phobia.


As a result, the phobic tends to win a partner for himself to permanently evict him (the partner). As a result, the relationship is filled with friction, which in turn affects the physical intimacy between two people.


Several psychologists also reveal that violent relationships between parents can cause fear of intimacy phobia in a child/adult. Victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse can also suffer from phonophobia because it is difficult for them to trust someone who has enough emotional or emotional intimacy.




Do you Know the Top 10 Types of Phobia Linked to Intimacy?



Following are the types of phobia which are linked to intimacy including;


  • Medomalacuphobia (fear of losing an erection)


  • Gymnophobia (fear of nudity)


  • Eurotophobia (fear of female genitalia)


  • Erotophobia (fear of sex)


  • Philemaphobia (fear of kissing)


  • Malaxophobia (fear of love play)


  • Sexual Claustrophobia (fear of sex indoors)


  • Oneirogmophobia (ear of wet dreams)


  • Medorthophobia


  • Parthenophobia



What are the Treatments for Fear of Intimacy?


Self-help is the best-known treatment for overcoming the fear of phobia of privacy. Becoming aware of this fear is the first step in the healing process.


Experts recommend making a list and thinking about events that may trigger the above symptoms. Patients should write their subjective assumptions with their beliefs, judgments, and predictions. This can help individuals search for subjective evidence of the thoughts that cause anxiety.


In addition to these, there are many other treatment options such as cognitive and behavioral behavior, hypnotherapy, counseling and psychotherapy, group therapy and medications to overcome the fear of life phobia. private.






The fear of intimacy is not a serious disease, but it can certainly affect the quality of life and also affect daily functioning. If your fear of intimate phobia is causing you anxiety or depression, you should not hesitate to consult a doctor.



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