Ankle Synovitis : Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

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Ankle Synovitis is the condition of the ankle where inflammation occurs on the tissues that line a joint. It is usually associated with some diseases, like gout or arthritis, but it can be the result of excessive use or any trauma. The common symptoms of the disease are swelling, redness, pain and warmth in joint motion.


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The doctor will examine your foot and ankle and confirm the diagnosis and will help to find out other possible issues, like fractures or infections. The doctor can take a fluid sample from the joint to examine inflammatory cells or can take x-rays or any other imaging tests for proper evaluation for the affected joint.


What are the Symptoms of Ankle Synovitis?


Ankle Synovitis : Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment


Ankle synovitis patient usually experiences sharp pain at the front or sides of the ankle. Sometimes, you can feel this pain in the back of the ankle.


The symptoms of this disease can be developed instantly due to a certain incident or slowly over time. Usually, it can be followed by an ankle sprain that does not fully recover and lead to pain, swelling, stiffness, and difficulty with weight bearing.


These symptoms are more painful in the morning and can slowly improve by the simple warm up.


Pain can also be irritating during running or walking particularly on slopes or any uneven surfaces. You can also experience swelling and tenderness on strongly touching the ankle joint.



What are the Causes of Ankle Synovitis?



Ankle synovitis generally causes by ankle injury like a serious ankle sprain and can occur in a patient who starts again a weight-bearing activity soon after the injury.



It can also occur due to the recurrent strain due to excessive walking or running, generally with flat feet or on uneven surfaces. It can occur due to chronic ankle instability or to the patient with a history of repeated ankle sprains.


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Treatments For Ankle Synovitis:


There are different ways to treat it, depends upon the condition or the symptoms:



1. Treatment depends upon the type of synovitis:


The disease can generally be treated by some anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, and corticosteroids.


Surgical removal of inflamed tissue.



2. Physiotherapy for synovitis:


Soft tissue massage.




Joint mobilization


Use of crutches


Use of ice to reduce swelling


Footwear advice


Dry needling



Exercises For Synovitis:


Ankle Synovitis : Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

The following exercises are commonly prescribed to patients with these conditions, should be performed with a physiotherapist, and can be performed twice daily.


Hopping exercise


Active ankle mobility exercise


Ankle plantar flexion exercise


Foot and ankle up and down


Ankle and foot in and out


Foot and ankle circles


Lunge stretch




Ankle synovitis is really painful, and it becomes unbearable due to the secondary nature of the injury. Proper warm-up may help you to relive the pain. In order to prevent the pain its advisable to avoid the activity which can lead to injury. If you feel the above symptoms then it is recommended to consult your the doctor as soon as possible.


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