Want to Get Rid of Piles: Try These Best and Worst Food for Piles

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“Are you okay?”, Did someone asked you when you came out from the restroom, as you have a pale-looking face.

Are you dealing with the constipated days or itchy red anal area too lightly? Are you going through painful bowel movements and bloody stools very often? These can be an alarming sign of an extremely troubling condition, known as “Piles or Hemorrhoids”. Piles are swollen and inflamed collections of tissue in and around the anal area that lead to painful as well as sometimes bloody stools.


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You can control before the situation gets worsen by making simple changes in your daily lifestyle such as food habits or the kind of diet you consume playing a pivotal role to improve or worsen your bowel movements and eventually what you pass! So, let’s find out and discuss some best and worst food for piles that everyone should try if your condition is troubling you.


List of Best and Worst Food For Piles


Food to fights with piles




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The edible seeds of plants in the Fabaceae family are known as Legumes. They include peas, lentils, soybeans, peanuts, beans, and chickpeas. Legumes are highly enriched with both kinds of fiber but especially rich in the soluble type.


Whole grains


10 Excellent Food to Boost Your Metabolism.jpg


Whole grains are one of the best foods for piles that are highly rich in insoluble fiber. It helps to improve your digestion, which can help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with piles.


Keep in mind that whole grains go beyond hearty whole-wheat flour and bread. While these are good options, it also includes barley, spelled, corn, quinoa, whole rye, brown rice, and oats.


Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables


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Do you know about Cruciferous vegetables? It includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, arugula, bok choy, kale, radishes, turnips, and cabbage.

These foods are known for their anticancer properties, they also deliver an impressive amount of insoluble fiber.


Root vegetables


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Root vegetables like sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, rutabagas, carrots, and potatoes are filling and packed with nutrition. The best way to incorporate root vegetables into your diet is to roast, steam, sauté, or boil them with their skin on.


Bell peppers


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Another great food for piles is the bell pepper. It is not as fibrous as other vegetables mentioned in this list, bell peppers are very hydrating with a water content of 93%. Along with fiber, this makes your stool easier to pass and prevents straining.


Cucumbers and melons


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The Cucurbitaceae family contains foods like Cucumbers and melons. Same as bell peppers and celery, cucumber and melons delicious ways to bring fiber and water into your digestive tract.
When having cucumber, keep n mind to leave the skin on, as that will ensure you get the most fiber.



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Pears is full of fiber a medium-size pear contains 22% of your daily fiber needs. Eat this fruit with the skin on, as that’s where a lot of the piles-defying fiber can be found. Pears can be a perfect snack on their own or can be stewed or tossed into soups or salads.



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Like pears, apples also contain an impressive amount of fiber and become food for piles. Apple helps soften and bulk up your stool, easing straining and aiding the discomfort associated with piles.



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Last but not the least, as we all know that keeping yourself hydrated will help make stools softer and easier to pass.

Your intake of water completely depends upon your sex, age, and activity level. Be sure to drink water the majority of the time when it comes to fluids. If you need a bit more flavor, infuse it with lemon slices or berries.


Worst Food for Piles


Deep-fried and processed food items


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Fried fruits come at the top of the bad foods for piles. Processed foods such as fast food, frozen meals, and deep-fried food items are difficult to digest. Such types of foods contain plenty of salt, lesser nutrients, and unhealthy fats. All these contribute to poor digestion and constipation.


Spicy food


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Do you love to eat spicy food? A big yesss right! But if you have piles, you have to think twice as this may lead to more painful bowel movements. Your favorite Chilli fried rice with Schezwan sauce or pepperoni pizza can be troublesome if your piles are already sore or bleeding.




Avoid Alcoholic Drinks


I know if you that alcohol consumption can be bad for your health, but it’s my duty to remind you again. So, cut out on your alcohol intake if you have piles. It not only destroys your digestive system but also has a dehydrating effect on the gut.


Dairy products


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Yes, you heard correctly, sometimes dairy products can lead to gas formation, cramps in the stomach, and constipation. Milk, cheese, or some other dairy product can outbreak or flare-up the disease. So, keep a track of your daily consumption of dairy products!


Unripe fruits


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Fruits are the best for this situation, it becomes savior when it comes to improving symptoms of piles. However, always consume ripe fruit. Unripe fruits, such as unripe bananas, may contain some irritating or constipating compounds that can increase pain and suffering. Include ripe fruits as part of your midmeal routine.


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Refined grains


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Refined grains such as white bread, white rice, and tempting cookies, or cakes you buy at the stores have lost their bran component and are very low in fiber. Prefer whole grain over the refined forms.


High salted foods


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Love munching chips or salted peanuts? Love to have delicious pasta mixes, hams, sausages, and canned foods? But Think twice the amount of salt content is very higher on them. That can cause water retention and ultimately affect the blood vessels, including the ones troubling you at the other end of your body.


Iron supplements and some other medicines


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Maybe you were having iron supplements before suffering from piles. But, now it is recommended to stop. Iron can lead to constipation which can be dangerous for piles patients. Also, some commonly used medicines come with the unwanted effects of constipation. Never stop or alter doses abruptly. It is better to consult your doctor and let him decide the best regimen to address all your health concerns.


Excessive fiber


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Yes, you are reading right excessive fiber can also be harmful to piles. So, avoid taking fiber supplements despite every other person telling you to eat lots of fibers to relieve constipation. Regular optimal fiber intake is fine to keep your gut healthy. You don’t need to start eating too many fibers all of a sudden, in fact, increase your fiber intake gradually. So, fiber is one of the good foods for piles but not in an excessive amount.




So, here we have discussed food for piles that contain both the good and the bad once. If you are the one who is dealing with piles then you have to include and exclude the above-mentioned foods for piles in your daily routine. If you have this problem on a regular basis then consult a doctor and take the prescribed medicine to control your condition.


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