Best Posture to Sleep

Prakhar Tyagi

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Even though sleeping is part of our daily routines, it is not an easy thing. Too little or too much of sleep results in many health problems, like obesity, heart-related issues, etc. The posture in which you sleep tremendously influences your sleeping pattern.

There are several sleeping positions and each has its pros and cons; however, it is advisable to choose a posture, which helps you in maintaining the curve of your lower back. Some of the sleeping postures are as follows:

Back Position:

This position helps your back, neck, and spine to maintain their natural alignment position and thus helping in the prevention of backaches, neck sprains, etc. This position also helps in acidity problems during your sleep as your esophagus is below the level of your throat thereby preventing any acid reflux. However, this position may encourage snoring. This position also helps to prevent skin wrinkles. However, you need to choose the best pillow and mattress to give proper support to your back and neck.

Sleeping on the Side Position:

This position is also favorable for your back and neck and your backbone is in an elongated position.  It also helps in reducing acid reflux. However, sleeping on the right side may lead to heartburn and sleeping on the right side may cause pressure on some internal organs like liver, kidney, etc. It can also lead to skin wrinkles and may also lead to misshaped breasts.

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Sleeping in the Foetal Position:

This position gets its name from the position a fetus is in inside the womb of a mother –knees-curled, pulled up high and chin tucked up in the chest. This position may lead to severe back problems, including arthritis. This position also interferes with your normal breathing as the diaphragm is not able to take the required volume of oxygen in each breath. It may also lead to facial wrinkles and sagging of breasts in women.

Sleeping on your Stomach:

This position may be considered as the worst position to sleep in. It does not allow the natural alignment of your back thus resulting in back pains and neck sprains. It also compromises on your breathing and blood circulation. It also puts pressure on your internal organs and contributes to indigestion and acid reflux.

Considering the above, the best posture to sleep is when you sleep on your back. And given its benefits, it makes good sense to make this one a part of your sleeping habit. People Also Read: Best Posture to Sleep





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