Good Sleep For Mental Health: Know The Complications

Somya Verma

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Sleep is very important. Good sleep for mental health must be recognized. You have to understand that your sleep affects your mental health. Sometimes we see people complaining of being tired or feeling sleepy, even after too much sleep. This is because there have been patterns of sleep that were not good.


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Good sleep for mental health


Sleep and health are strongly related to poor sleep can increase the risk of having poor health. Yet, poor health can make it harder to sleep. Sleep disturbances can be one of the first signs of distress. Common mental health problems like anxiety and depression can often underpin sleep problems. This makes good sleep for mental health a very important thing.


Complication because of lack of good sleep for mental health


Here are some of the complications that can be brought in by and due to a lack of good sleep for mental health. So get an idea about these and understand it better.


1) Depression and lack of good sleep for mental health


We all know the connection between mental health and good sleep. When you get no sleep, that means you are suffering. When you sleep in excess, even then it means you might be suffering from depression.


According to the Mental Health Foundation, ” Poor sleep is linked to physical problems such as a weakened immune system and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Sleep Matters provides sound, evidence-based advice on how to improve the quality of your sleep. This includes simple ways to improve your ‘sleep hygiene’, such as adjusting the light, noise, and temperature in the bedroom and changing your eating, drinking and exercise routines, advice which can also be found in Sleep Well, our handy pocket guide to better sleep.”


2) Anxiety and lack of good sleep for mental health


Lack of good sleep leads to building up of stress. This later causes the anxiety to increase day by day. Hence it is usually recommended to take care of your sleeping hours. As mentioned above a minimum of 6 hrs and a maximum of 8hrs is necessary.


According to the Sleep Health Foundation, “Poor sleep and depression are very closely linked; treating one condition will often improve the other. Given that research suggests that 60-90% of patients with depression have insomnia (and approximately 20% of people with depression have sleep apnoea), looking after our sleep to promote good mental health seems imperative.”


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3) Sleep Apnea because of lack of good sleep for mental health


Sleep apnea is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. It has been considered as one of the serious medical conditions. This can cause the body to take in less oxygen.


It can also cause you to wake up during the night. There two types of sleep apnea; Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea.

Hence it is necessary that you do understand the need for good sleep for mental health.


4) Excessive Sleeping, due to lack of good sleep for mental health


Excessive sleeping is also not considered under good sleep for mental health. This is because you do not register well. This keeps mixing things and you end up stressing over it. This is not good for mental health.


As per, Sleep Foundation, “Excessive sleepiness not only affects your physical health, it has a big impact on your mental health as well. When you don’t get the 7-9 hours of quality sleep you need, it can heavily influence your outlook on life, energy level, motivation, and emotions.”



Good Sleep for mental health is exactly what water is to thirst. You need to drink water to stop feeling thirsty and similarily you need to take good sleep to keep your mental health in place. According to studies, there are around 80% of the adult population that suffers from this condition. We have so many distractions nowadays that while we are depressed we are also entertained. This has led us to believe that sleeplessness and depression, they are connected.

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