Be aware of the Coronary Artery Risk Factors by Dr. Ajay Sharma

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The busy life schedules and tiring work hours take a great toll on your health, and especially your cardiovascular section. One of the most common heart diseases that are acquired by men and women indiscriminately is that of Coronary Artery. Coronary artery disease (CAD) causes disrupted blood flow in the arteries that supply blood to the heart. It hinders the smooth flow of blood in the body and is common these days among the individual.


There are many Coronary Artery risk factors that work towards causing the condition. Some of these risk factors can be controlled by humans while some of them are not in our control. There are other contributing factors involved as well. It is necessary that each individual should see to those he/she can control while taking utmost precautions while dealing with factors beyond control.



Coronary Artery Risk Factor:


Here are the factors which are not in our control and have to be taken care of:


Age of the Person:


The building of plaque takes place over time in the arteries responsible for the blood flow. It is therefore understood that it is bound to increase when the person is aging. The risk of getting CAD increases with age. While women are prone to the condition with reaching age 55, men are subjected to get it at an early age of 45. The condition is identifiable in more than 80 percent of adults over age 80. Changes that occur in the body as you age create conditions that make it easy for heart disease to develop.




It has been observed that men are generally at greater risk of coronary artery disease. The death rate among women increases after menopause. A woman’s risk of death from CAD is equal to or greater than the same risk for a man by age 75.


Family History:


One factor that we cannot escape is the family medical history of heart diseases. It is a well-known fact that individuals with a medical history in the family will acquire the disease. Those individuals whose close relatives and family members had CAD at an early age are at higher risk.



Apart from the above mentioned, uncontrollable factors, we have some factors that are under control and belong to the daily routines and habits which are under Coronary artery risk factors, they are:




The consumption of tobacco is considered extremely harmful for the body and can cause a lot of health issues. One of the major health risks is that of CAD. Those who smoke regularly may get the condition at an early stage.


Uncontrolled cholesterol levels:


The chances of plaque formation in the arteries are supposed to increase if the cholesterol level of the body is not checked. It is advised that one should not have an extremely low or extremely high level of cholesterol in their body.


High blood pressure:


Blood pressure regulates the functioning of heart, and once when there is high blood pressure the heart is not able to provide the necessary movement and this causes the risk of getting CAD.


Obesity and Overweight:


Being overweight or obese increases your risk of CAD in a potential way. When an individual carries too much weight it is mostly associated with high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus. The reason behind this is the poor diet and living habits.


There are some factors which are not the direct cause of the ailment but might lead to the main Coronary artery risk factors. These are daily routine things like using illicit drugs and poor diet management and excess of alcohol drinking which might increase the chances of getting chronic heart diseases. This is why they are under contributing risk factors.




Maintaining a healthy body might be a tough task but not impossible. It depends on how much we put in to avoid the Coronary artery risk factors involved. In the case of Coronary artery disease, it is recommended that proper care of the body is taken. If the conditions go out of hand, the consultation and appointment from the doctor are highly recommended.  A healthy lifestyle is a must to stay away from such conditions and devoting our time is also necessary. A healthy body and mind help you live longer and have a happier life, so take care of the heart and stay healthy.

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