What are The Best Daily Food in India for Ulcers?

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There are so many of us Indians who love spicy and oily food, without knowing what it might cause in our body. To their knowledge let us introduce ulcers. And not only that but also best daily food in India for ulcers. We need to know how our food habits might affect our body and which parts of the body are affected the most. Our food habits play a major part in keeping our health up to the mark. So, what you eat affects your body system.


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What are Ulcers?


Ulcers are of various kinds, like mouth and stomach ulcers, but both of them associated with what we eat and how we eat. An ulcer in the stomach is known as a gastric ulcer but when it takes place in the first part of the intestines is known as a duodenal ulcer. With a gastric ulcer, you might have to face situation worsening with eating. The pain is often described as a burning or dull ache. Other symptoms include belching, vomiting, weight loss, or poor appetite. About a third of older people have no symptoms. In some rare cases that we see complications may include bleeding, perforation and blockage of the stomach. Mostly in such cases, bleeding occurs in as many as 15% of people.



Daily Foods in India for Ulcers


Here are the best daily foods in India for ulcers that can be consumed to get away from Ulcers.



1) Cereals & Pulses:


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Whole grains and pulses are among the major food articles that those suffering from ulcers can consume. While “daal” is what most of the Indian household has it as the staple diet. The cooking process does not make it difficult to take care of ulcers. Red gram, green gram, Bengal gram, and black gram dals are some that can be used.



2) Fruits & vegetables:


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Keeping your stomach cool and hydrated is a must when you are suffering from Ulcers. You will always find them topping the list of best daily food in India for ulcers. It can be found that citric fruits are the ones that are extremely important to be consumed. The fact that it is lack of a strong immune system that causes ulcers other than your food habits.



3) Meat, Fish & Poultry:

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This might be debatable but when you choose less spicy and less oily meat ingredients you can eat it with all assurance. Also, when you eat lean meat and skinless chicken, it might be better in ulcers.



4) Milk & Milk products:


Cancer-Causing Foods These Foods Can Cause Deadly Disease


This helps you to keep your stomach filled, which does not allow you to starve and make the condition worse, and hence it finds space in the list of best daily food in India for ulcers. You can choose to eat products like yogurt, curd, paneer, and cold milk.


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5) Nuts and nut butter:


10 Excellent Food to Boost Your Metabolism.jpg


In love with your peanut butter? You can easily have them in a decent amount while you go through ulcer pain. It helps soothe the pain, but make sure you do not have any difficulty on the part of your stomach.



While we have given you a gist of things that you can eat while you suffer from ulcers, here are some of the food you must avoid to not let your pain increase in the times of ulcers.



  •  Meats with a high-fat content


  • High-fat condiments


  •  Citrus fruits and juices


  •  Tomato products


  •  Coffee and tea


  •  Alcoholic beverages


  •  Spicy foods




Ulcers are very painful and especially when they come in between you and your favorite meal, so as we know, prevention is better than cure, one should keep in mind what to eat and what not to eat. We have given you some options which are the best daily food in India for ulcers. If you need any more help, you are free to contact the experts on our website.


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