Diabetic Foot: The Most Common Complication of Diabetes

Anju Bisht

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Diabetes patients are prone to diabetic foot. Where it is a serious complication of diabetes in which diabetic patients have the risk of developing pathological conditions such as infection, diabetic foot ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, and peripheral vascular disease. It is the most common Complication of Diabetes which becomes serious quickly. The wound healing ability of diabetics is comparatively slow, therefore, if a person is suffering from diabetes get hurt, a proper diabetic wound treatment should be offered.


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Here, we will be having detailed information on foot problems to aware, diabetes patients about early symptoms, prevention, and the right care and treatment.


Know the Symptoms of Diabetic Foot:


Recognize the below early signs and symptoms, if you have any of these consult the doctor;


  • A wound that is not healing and is persistent draining.
  • Any notable changes in the skin
  • Having swelling in the ankle and foot
  • Facing continuous pain in the legs
  • Due to ingrown toenail and toenail fungus can cause serious issues
  • Corns or calluses can lead to chronic trauma in the foot
  • The odor from the foot that won’t go away
  • Forming of cracks in the skin, specifically around the heels.

Causes of Diabetic Foot:


Several factors are increasing the risk of diabetic foot among diabetes patients. Here know about them;


1. Badly fitted footwears


Footwears that are not properly fitted will cause red and sore spots, corns, calluses, or consistent pain. Badly fitted footwears are the most common cause of diabetic foot.


2. Damage to the nervous system


Due to prolonging uncontrolled diabetes, people with diabetes will have the risk of damaging the nerves in their feet. Due to the damage of nerves, they will not be able to feel their feet. Moreover, the healing process of a wound will be slow.


3. Severe Infection


Various fungal infections caused in the skin and toenail can invite serious issue i.e., bacterial infections that can worsen the case. So immediate treatment should be done. Ingrown nails to be handled properly by the specialist.


4. Bad habits


Bad habits of taking any kind of tobacco can lead to damage. The damage of blood vessels in the feet and legs will cause a slow down in the process of healing.


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Diabetes comes along with other health issues. Many people even complained to feel pain in their back.  The backbone is also called as spinal cord. Any issue in your spinal cord can pull pain and discomfort towards you. In order to get rid of your spinal pain, consider consulting a spine surgeon near you. Timely treatment to reduce pain is really important as spinal issues are considered to be as severe.



Tips to Care for Diabetic Foot:


Diabetic patients need to take good care of their feet. Keeping feet healthy and considering foot hygiene will help in preventing foot problems and complications. Here are the tips to healthy feet;



  • Keep your feet clean- wash them in warm water, use mild soap. Don’t forget to dry your feet, especially between toes.


  • Get your feet regularly checked. Make sure there are no sores, redness, calluses, or any other problems in your feet.


  • For dry skin, apply lotion that is recommended by the doctor. Avoid put lotion between the toes.


  • Make sure to check your toenails once in every week.


  • In order to avoid toe injury wear closed-toed shoes. Do not walk bare-foot even at home.


  • Wear only those footwear that fits you well. Always wear socks that are comfortable.


  • Ensure proper blood flow to your feet.


As we have discussed in the above blog, Diabetic Foot and the most common complication of diabetes. Here are the tips, hope these tips would help you. But if your condition takes another path then consult a good diabetologist first.


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