Do You Know Hematohidrosis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Tanuja Bisht

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Hematidrosis is also known as hematohidrosis, is a rare medical condition that causes a person to sweat blood from the skin when he/she is not cut or injured.

There are only a few medical cases of hematidrosis in the 20th century.


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What is Hematidrosis ?


Hematidrosis is an extremely rare condition in which the person sweat blood. It’s so rare that many of us don’t even know about its existence or if it’s real.


But this problem of blood-sweating has been seen throughout history such as in the Bible it mentions that Jesus sweats blood while praying before the crucifixion as well as Italian polymath Leonardo Da Vinci wrote about those soldiers who sweat blood before battle.


While these may or may not be real depictions, but hematidrosis is a real condition. Blood sweat can occur on any surface of the body such as face and forehead which are common locations.




What are the Symptoms of Hematohidrosis?


Usually, people who have hematidrosis due to which they sweat blood from their skin. It normally happens on or around the face and other parts of the body like nose, mouth, or stomach. Sometimes the skin around the bloody area may swell temporarily.


There are two types of hematohidrosis including haemolacria which are tears of blood and otorrhea which is bleeding from the ears.


Hematidrosis usually look like blood, sweat with droplets of blood in it.


Sweating may be of a different color such as yellow, green, blue, or black (which are also a different condition called chromhidrosis).


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What are the Causes of Hematohidrosis?


The condition generally happens when a person feels intense stress or fear such as facing death. When a person is under stress, his/her body goes into flight-or-fight mode.


The condition is a natural reaction to a perceived threat. During the reaction, the body releases chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline, that prepare the person either to fight or to flee danger.


So the condition is the flight-or-fight response which can cause the rupture of capillaries in the body. These capillaries are tiny blood vessels which are located throughout the tissue. So we can say that fear and stress are the two main causes of hematohidrosis.




What are the Treatments for Hematohidrosis?


If the doctor finds that something is setting the hematidrosis off he will provide the following options to treat the condition including;



  • Beta-blockers or vitamin C to the lower blood pressure of the body


  • Anti-anxiety or antidepressants medication, or therapy that is related to high emotional stress.


  • Drugs to help your blood clot or stop bleeding.





Hematidrosis is a rare condition but can be cured once detected. Proper diagnosis is required before the treatment. If a person is diagnosed with the condition it is necessary to consult with a doctor.


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