5 simple exercises for scoliosis with an add-on tip

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Are you looking for some simple exercises for scoliosis? Then, you are at the right place to get one. Scoliosis is a spinal disorder that leads to an S or C-shaped curve in the spine. The right exercise with the correct technique can help you in treating minor to moderate scoliosis. Better would be if exercise is learned under the supervision of a doctor or physical therapist.


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5 Simple at-home exercises for scoliosis


1. Pelvic Tilts


5 simple exercises for scoliosis with an add-on tip


Easy-to-perform at home, just lying down flat on the back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Harden the stomach muscles and buttocks by flattening the back. You just need to perform 1 session, each of 2 sets per day.


2. Cat-Camel


5 simple exercises for scoliosis with an add-on tip


Get onto cat posture with your hands underneath your shoulder and knees straight below your hips touching the floor. Take a breath and form a slight arch of the back and relax your neck. Again, perform1 session per day with 2 sets in each session. This can turn out as the best among the listed exercises for scoliosis.


3. Double-Leg Abdominal Press


5 simple exercises for scoliosis with an add-on tip


You gonna love this one, lie down flat on back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Keep your back in a relaxing position and raise your legs off the floor 1 at a time. So, that your knees and hip altogether form 90° angles.

Then put both your hands on your knees to support your back, tighten your muscles, making sure your back is straight and your legs are at 90 degrees. Hold the position for 3 deep breath long. Perform 2 sets with 10 repetitions each. Do 1 session per day.


4. Plank exercises for scoliosis



5 simple exercises for scoliosis with an add-on tip


Come one, you just have to hold your body up with your hand. Do it like; place your forearms on the floor with elbows straighten and underneath your shoulder. You can keep flat palms or can grip your hands together.


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5. Single-leg stance


5 simple exercises for scoliosis with an add-on tip


You might think this is an easy one, for the beginner take a chair as a support. Lift your one-foot and form 90° angles. Make sure your legs do not touch another. Hold the position and see if you can stand on one foot for at least 60 seconds.


Your Add-on Tips: Right Posture for scoliosis


At first, things might appear a bit awkward and tough, but regular practices of good postures with exercises for scoliosis can help you a lot.


Importance of correct postures for a better spine


Good standing posture tips:


  • Ears straight over shoulders and chin tucked in.


  • Keep shoulders back, with knees and back straight.


  • Avoid inclined pelvis.


  • Make sure not to lock knees.


Right Sitting posture:


  • Relax shoulders


  • Forearms and knees parallel to the floor


  • Back must be straight with tucked chin


  • Rest the back against the chair


  • Feet flat and resting on the floor or footrest.


Make sure not to sit for a long period. Practice correct sitting and standing posture. And ensure the right way to exercises for scoliosis.


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