Female Sexual Dysfunction: Evaluation and Treatment

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Female Sexual Dysfunction, usually people feel hesitant or embarrassed to discuss. But the one should not feel so to discuss it. According to research sexual dysfunction is common around 43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of difficulty. Fortunately, most cases of female sexual dysfunction are treatable, so it is important to share individuals concerns with your partner as well as your doctor.


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Understand Female Sexual Dysfunction



First of all, we should understand what Sexual dysfunction is? well, it includes painful contraction of the vaginal muscles, painful intercourse, and difficulty with sexual desire, or orgasm which cause distress.


Some psychologic factors such as depression or anxiety and some drugs also can contribute to sexual dysfunction, as can the woman’s situation, including relationship difficulties.


Improve your relationship, make more clear and open communicating, and arrange the best circumstances for sexual activities can also help, without considering the cause of sexual dysfunction.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness, or a combination of the both, can also help, as can psychotherapy.



Normal Sexual Function



Sexual function and responses involve both the mind as well as the body, the mind includes thoughts and emotions where the body includes the nervous, circulatory, and endocrine systems. The normal sexual response includes the following:



Motivation is the Way to Engage in or Continue Sexual Activity. There are various causes for sexual activity, including sexual desire. Desire may be triggered by different things like thoughts, sights, words, smells, or touch. Once the woman is aroused desire may be obvious at the outset or may build.



Arousal has a Subjective Element—Sexual excitement which usually people felt and thought about. It also has a physical element an increase in the flow of blood to the genital area. In a female, the increased blood flow causes the clitoris and vaginal walls to swell. The increased blood flow also causes vaginal secretions.



Orgasm is the Peak or Climax of Sexual Excitement.  Before orgasm, the tension in muscle throughout the body increases. As orgasm begins, the muscles near the vagina contract rhythmically. Women may have several orgasms.


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Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction



Certain treatments are usually based on the cause of female sexual dysfunction. However, some general treatment can help regardless of the cause:



Making more time for sexual activity: Female, they are used to multitasking, may be preoccupied with some other activities involving household chores, work, children, and community. Making more sexual activity a priority and recognizing how counterproductive distractions are may help.



Practicing mindfulness: Mindfulness is a technique which involves learning to focus on what is happening at the moment, without making judgments about the same or monitoring what is happening. Being mindful helps free a person from distractions and enables the individuals to pay attention to sensations during sexual activity by staying in the moment.



Improve Communication: Improving communication, including sex, between the woman and the partner.



Choose the best time and place for sexual activity: For example, the late-night when a woman is about to sleep is not the right time. Make sure the place is private and quiet can help if the woman is afraid of interruption. Enough time should be allowed, and a setting that encourages sexual feelings can help.



Engaging in various types of sexual activities: Like, stroking and kissing on most responsive parts of the body and touching the genitals before starting intercourse may enhance intimacy and lessen anxiety.



Setting aside time together that does not involve sexual activity: Couples who talk to each other more are likely to want and enjoy a sexual activity together.



Encouraging respect, trust, and emotional intimacy between partners: These are the qualities which cultivated with or without professional help. Women need these qualities to respond sexually. Couples can need help learning to resolve conflicts, which can interfere with their relationship.



Apart from this if you are dealing with female sexual dysfunction and feel depressed and demotivated then you should consult to a doctor she is the one who can help to come up with it. And yes, don’t feel shy or hesitate to consult with your partner a simple talk can solve your big problem.


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