How To Keep Your Heart Healthy In 7 Ways

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We keep writing poems and stories about love and hearts meeting and how it feels. In all this but, do you know how to keep your heart healthy? Yes, loving is important but more than that it is important to take care of your heart in other ways also. Your heart needs more than just cuddles and good words.


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Why do you need to know how to keep your heart healthy?


Your heart is the most vulnerable part of your body. It gets affected by every little change that happens in your body. From short breathiness to high blood pressure, all affect your heart in different ways. It becomes important that you must know how to keep your heart healthy.


Ways of how to keep your heart healthy, try them now!


Now when you know why you need to know how to keep your heart healthy, it is time to get the strategies and ways that you can help your heart keep the good health it deserves.


1) Eat well and healthy

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The mantra of how to keep your heart healthy started with a good meal. Always eating junk will just make your heart weaker. Why? and How does it happen? Have you heard of something known as bad cholesterol? When the bad cholesterol increases in your body, you tend to face a lot of problems like arteries blockage.

This results in disruption of blood flow. This will lead to a lot of problems, as blood also transports oxygen in your body.


2) Get your body moving

Effective ways to prevent heart diseases


Join a Zumba class or you can go and hit your gym or aground. Keep your body in movement. Do not be a sloth and if you are, then get away from the habit as soon as possible.


You will just keep getting fat and heavyweight while your body will be suffering from high cholesterol issues. And what does high cholesterol do? Well, we just told you that in the above point.



3) Drink enough water and liquid

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Yes, the water is like the miracle fluid. You need to have it in enough quantity. If you do not have it, you will suffer from dehydration, also the blood and oxygen need proper transportation which requires more fluids.

Drink a good amount of water, and that too especially during the summers. You can have severe and major dehydration issues.


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4) Ye Dil chahe khush hona

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Yes, keep that stressing situation away. Could you do anything about what has happened? Or can you know what will happen tomorrow? No, right? So, stop stressing about it.


Remember that each time you overthink something out of your control you are being bad to your own heart. It does not deserve that stress. Stress in many cases has led to stroke and heart attacks. See the results of how you can keep your heart healthy.


5) Go for more fish

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Oily fish such as pilchards, sardines, mackerel, salmon and fresh tuna, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to be particularly beneficial for your heart because they improve your cholesterol levels. If you’re a vegetarian you can get omega-3 fats from spinach, wheat germ, walnuts, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, soy and canola oil and pumpkin seeds.

This is an effective addition to your diet and how you can keep your heart healthy.


6) Quit smoking

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Smoking is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease, and smokers are almost twice as likely to have a heart attack compared with those who have never smoked. It not only damages the lining of your arteries but reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood and raises your blood pressure.


7) Cut back on alcohol

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks


Alcohol can affect your heart by causing high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms and damage to the heart muscle. But you don’t have to give it up completely. Just stick to current guidelines for moderate alcohol drinking, which are two to three units a day for women and three to four for men.


We hope you are now aware of how to keep your heart healthy. In many ways, you can do that, not necessarily the list we gave is only the one. You must but understand the need for taking care of your heart in different ways. Book a doctor nearby and get an online appointment to go for a quick check-up if you can.


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