Does Insulin Increase Blood Pressure? Get The Answer Here

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You must be surprised to know but yes, your questions regarding does Insulin increases blood pressure, has been solved by us. We know that a diabetic patient is scared of a lot of things like other chronic conditions.


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It is obvious that the fact that does insulin increases blood pressure will also scare them. So we did our little research in explaining the exact points. Before clearing your doubts, you must understand, how the two relate to each other.


How insulin and high blood pressure are related?


Insulin is something that regulates your blood sugar. You have to understand that insulin increase blood sugar, indirectly. When you reduce the intake, your sugar level might be affected, this can lead to fluctuation in blood pressure.


The other way that your blood pressure is affected is renal sodium reabsorption. Hence, the direct effect is not as such studied on but yes there are some tests that prove.


How does insulin increase blood pressure and cause hypertension?


The resistance to insulin is what causes diabetes, and hence it becomes a cause of Hypertension. Therefore resistance to Insulin increases blood pressure.


1) Increase in weight


When you are going through diabetes, you tend to gain weight. Yes, the insulin intake can help to maintain sugar level, but when it is low, your blood pressure increases. This is how you develop hypertension. So, low insulin increases high blood pressure.


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2) The link between glucose and insulin


We are sure you did not know that to some extent the insulin acts on glucose to regulate high blood pressure also. As per the AHA ” First, the association between insulin resistance and hypertension extends into the normal state as an association between insulin action on glucose metabolism and blood pressure levels”.


3) Hypertension and insulin connection with the heart


With a decrease in insulin, the heart is also affected. As we have already discussed that the lack of insulin increases blood pressure. When blood pressure increases then the valves of the veins and arteries are ruptured, and hence resulting in chronic heart disease.


We might feel that everything is okay, but suddenly things become extremely difficult. Things that raise your blood pressure, can be as trivial as exhausting exercise or medicine as well. We are here to let you know what can be the reasons for your blood pressure pumping up. In case of any cardiovascular illness, consult a heart specialist in Noida. Heart disease can be very risky. Do not hesitate in consulting the right medical professional.


Lack of Insulin increases blood pressure instantly, you might not understand this as a diabetic patient. To book an appointment with the best doctor nearby and understand it in a better way.


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