Is Demon Really One of the Causes of Sleep Paralysis?

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Sleep paralysis is been categorized as a strange disorder which remains beneath the curtains of mystery and suspicion. This suspicious tendency of this disease is aroused due to the abnormal state of occurrence of this condition. The sufferer encounters seizures and mental trauma while this disorder strikes, usually, this disorder is encountered during the regular sleep time.


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What is Sleep Paralysis?


The sleep paralysis is basically a sense of being conscious and visually active while you are asleep. This semi-consciousness is fatal as the person is able to see the surrounding but not really able to move and touch anything around. This period is followed by hallucinations and weird imaginations like demonic sites, weird sounds and pressure over the body.


Sleep period is named to the duration or lapse which occurs while a person is about to sleep or awaken, during this period the person loses the ability to move, respond or speak while being aware of all the surrounding and his/her condition. This duration of trauma is termed as Episodes. The more chronic these episodes strike the worse trauma is experienced by the sufferer.




What are the Causes of Sleep Paralysis?


The Sleep paralysis is often considered as work of demon but that is not true. The demon site is encountered by the people due to the imaginations and delusions which are called sleep paralysis hallucinations. The sleep paralysis hallucinations are extremely disturbing and fretfull for the people to encounter. These hallucinations can cause disturbance and fear for weeks and even months.


The sleep paralysis death is another discussed and concerned topic that causes confusion and fear to the person’s mind. It is a myth that the hallucinations of demon encountered by the person will ultimately lead to the death of the patient. This is not true, the stats depict that over 8% of the entire population has encountered this condition and none of them died because of this disorder. Hence, Sleep paralysis death is entirely a myth and misconception of the mind.


The prime causes of the disorder are mentioned below:


  • Sleep deprivation


  • Narcolepsy


  • Insomnia


  • Shift work sleep disorder


  • Excessive stress


  • Genetical factor


  • Consumption of hallucinogenic drugs


  • Mental disorders (schizophrenia, anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder)



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What is the Sleep Paralysis Symptoms?


The symptoms of the sleep paralysis are generally visible but not clearly recognized by the patient as due to the semi-consciousness. The Inadequate breathing (suffocation), Stillness, Sensing unusual presence, Fear and dread and hearing weird sounds. These symptoms may vary from every one period to another so it is very uncertain to state that the symptoms are specific.




How to Stop Sleep Paralysis?


As of now, the causes of the paralysis are quite typical and chronic. Therefore, the treatment is not one point shoot procedure. There is no such permanent treatment available for curing the disorder overnight. In order to stop the condition, one needs to follow various prevention procedures that are fruitful in all senses.


Follow the underlying practices to avoid sleep paralysis episodes.

  • Avoid sleeping on the back


  • Improving sleep pattern


  • Regular exercises


  • Avoid alcohol and drug abuse


  • Avoid exposure to blue light before sleep



Some sleep paralysis facts state that the episodes can vary from minutes to hours, also night terrors are entirely different condition and phenomenon. One must not get scared and fret as such practices can lead to extreme trauma. In case of frequent and continuous episodes, the person should seek medical help and consultation with a psychiatrist.


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