Curious About What Happens When You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills? Read This…!!

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There is always a curiosity regarding what happens when you stop taking birth control pills. Well, I can help you if you are thinking about to quit birth control pills. There can be any reason for quitting the pills such as its cost, inconvenience in taking every day, or you may have the desire to have a baby.



You know when you start taking the birth control pills, you probably discovered few changes in your body like like nausea and tender breasts. So, it’s sure that if you stop taking birth control pills again, you may feel some difference in the body. Well, to summarize this a doctor says that “Breaking up with your birth control can be hard to do because few things are not simple.”


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Moreover, there is no prescribed method for quitting birth control pills, if you want to quit, you can stop taking them anytime like in the middle of the pack, or finish the pack. Medically, there’s no difference, but if you complete your current pill pack means you have the confirmation regarding when you are going to get your period.



Gynecologists suggest that when a woman stops taking birth control pills, her body and menstrual cycle need some time to adjust. The woman might notice some spots of blood between her periods, and her menstrual periods may be slightly irregular for a few months. But the situation is temporary, and the cycle will return automatically to how it was before you started.




 Some of the Main Points That Happens When You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills:


1. Your Hormones Regulate:


Doctors say that when you quit the pill, your mind and body return to their natural state. Actually, the hormones that control the menstrual cycle start their normal fluctuations and cycles again. When you are taking your birth control pill, your natural hormones are overcome by the hormones in the pill, so once you quit, your hormone cycle hits back into within a few weeks.



2. Your menstrual period becomes heavier and painful:


When you stop taking birth control pills, you may face problems regarding heavier menstrual period with more pain. The birth control pills usually make the menstrual period lighter and less painful.



3. Possibilities of conception within 5 months:


If you’re stopping the pill because you want to get pregnant, the average time to conception is approximately five months.



4. The breaking of your skin (facing acne problem):


According to the gynecologist, hormones are stabilized when you are on your birth control pills. During your menstrual period, your testosterone and estrogen levels are at the higher level, and during this period some women can’t eliminate the situation properly, so this reveals in the form of acne. However, a selective diet could help regulate them and your skin once you’re off the pill.



5. Increase in libido:


When a woman stops taking birth control pill, her sex drive often increases. It states that the birth control pills suppress the libido, that spike the testosterone levels again and likely increases the desire.


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6. Increase in symptoms of PMS:


When you are on your birth control pill, you will see the decrease in your PMS symptoms such as irritability, breast tenderness, fatigue, and headaches, but you quit the medicine you may notice that these symptoms appear again.



7. You might face problems of weight gain:


When you stop taking the birth control pills, you may face the problem of weight gain due to increase in bloating (a PMS symptom) and hormone irregularity.




Frequently Asked Questions About What Happens When You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills?


Qus 1: How to stop taking birth control pills without getting pregnant?


If you are planning to quit taking the control pill and wants to have intercourse without getting pregnant, for this you’ll need to use another birth control method. For this purpose, you can use methods, like a condom, for a few days.



Qus 2: How to stop taking birth control pills safely?


Well, there is no prescribed method for going off birth control pills, but still, you can stop it safely by completing the course.


Qus 3: What happens if you stop taking birth control pills after a week?


If you stop taking birth control pills after a week you may begin experiencing cramping and spotting for at least 2 days. After stopping the use of pills, your body needs some time to return to the previous process.


Qus 4: Bleeding after stopping birth control pills?


Although you can quit birth control pills at any time, doing this could start your cycle off and cause bleeding to start. In this whole process, your uterus gets confused. You could bleed for about two weeks and there’s no way to control it.





Your body goes through a lot of changes when you stop taking birth control pills like an increase in weight, increase in PMS symptoms, and hormone regulate. But these changes can also be maintained by proper diet and food.


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