Is Hummus Good For Hemorrhoids?

Is Hummus Good For Hemorrhoids?


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Piles: An Underrated But Overwhelming Problem


“Is hummus good for hemorrhoids?”


Before answering this question, let’s brush up on piles.


Piles, also called hemorrhoids, is a condition where the veins near the anus and rectum become swollen. They are similar to varicose veins. There are two types of piles – external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids, depending on the place they develop.


Hemorrhoids or piles develop when veins around your anus stretch or bulge under pressure. Increased pressure on the lower rectum can also lead to piles.




Symptoms of piles include:



The main question is, Is hummus good for hemorrhoids? Piles can make your digestive system sensitive. Hence, one needs to keep a check on what they are eating. Your doctor will recommend increasing your fiber intake while decreasing your spicy or salty food and alcohol intake.


Coming to the question, yes, you can have as much hummus as you want in hemorrhoids. Hummus has been an integral part of Middle Eastern cuisine, which has now paved its way into other parts of the world. Made from chickpeas, a legume, along with a generous amount of tahini, it is high in soluble and insoluble fiber. Legumes are critical for a healthy digestive tract. They help give stools bulk to reduce straining and decrease your risk of developing hemorrhoids.


Can we eat black chana, roasted chana, or rajma in piles?


Black chana also called Bengal gram or garbanzo beans, and rajma, also called kidney beans, can be eaten in good quantities in piles. Legumes are a storehouse of protein and fiber, which lessen the strain on your rectum while passing stool. This makes defecation easy and keeps piles at bay.


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