Is Turmeric More Effective at Healing Injuries than Ibuprofen or Paracetamol?

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I always wanted that is there any kind of home remedies that can really heal my sports injuries because I hate having medicines all the time. I am sure you are also having the same problem which I have.

People like me who are into sports can definitely co-related this problem. You know earlier I used to feel sad when I have to take my medicines. However, once I came across a study that was conducted by Velleja Research I was surprised and happy.

According to the study, of “European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences,” reveals that naturally-derived, curcumin based product has a high impact on the injuries. The product provides an analgesic remedy in painful muscular conditions associated with intense.

The study, further believes that curcumin also provides benefit to sufferers of inflammatory conditions like arthritis patients. Earlier studies suggest that turmeric may also help in people’s memories and easing depression.

Prior studies have also linked the onset of Alzheimer’s disease to the buildup of protein plaques in the brain. Mainly turmeric has several anti-inflammatory properties that help in providing memory and support mental health.

Turmeric has the ability to reduce inflammation and heal wounds and helps in providing protection against several diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers.

Turmeric’s medicinal properties also act as a natural effective painkiller like ibuprofen or paracetamol.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is mainly known as “Haldi” in Hindi and scientifically known as Curcuma longa which is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant from the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

It is also the most effective nutritional supplement that we human use.

Several studies reveal that turmeric has major benefits for the body and the brain.

Health Benefits of Turmeric:

  • It contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties and also known as curcuminoids due to the presence of curcumin that has powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound which helps in repairing the damage.
  • Turmeric has the power to increases the antioxidant capacity of the body.
  • Curcumin helps in boosting the brain-derived neurotrophic factor that is linked to improving brain function and helps in lowering the risk of brain diseases.
  • It also leads to various improvements helps in lowering the risk of heart disease.

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