Loose Motions During Pregnancy: Causes, Effects & Treatment

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Loose Motions During Pregnancy

Are you excited about being soon to be a mommy but simultaneously annoyed with the condition of loose motion during pregnancy? Don’t worry today we will discuss this common problem of women.


Well, loose motions during pregnancy are caused due to some external condition or factors, therefore you never take this situation lightly.


Doctors coined that if the condition of loose motions during pregnancy not treated on time, it may lead to malabsorption of dehydration and food, both the conditions can negatively affect the developing fetus.


Some of the digestive difficulties like diarrhea or loose motion and constipation may occur regularly during pregnancy. This condition may be due to shifting hormones, diet changes, and stress. The fact is, pregnant women, deal with this condition a lot if they do not treat this they may face to some other worse difficulties.


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What are the Causes of Loose Motions During Pregnancy?


There are several causes of diarrhea during pregnancy. With the help of routine stool examination, blood tests, and abdomen ultrasonography one can detect the actual cause of diarrhea. Following are some reasons that may trigger this problem including;



  • Weak digestive system.


  • Growing uterus compressing on the rectum.



  • Overeating.


  • Allergies.


  • Infections by bacteria, parasites, and viruses through contaminated food or water.




Why are Loose Motions More Common in the Third Trimester?


When a woman enters in the third trimester of her pregnancy, diarrhea becomes more common. This is because your body is preparing for the labor process.


The loose motion during pregnancy does not certainly mean that your labor is a few days away. Some women will not even experience this condition in their third trimester. Each woman’s experience is different during their pregnancy.




What Are the Effects of Loose Motions During Pregnancy?


Loose motions or diarrhea will leave you feeling weeklong and exhausted. If you are not treated in time, you may become dehydrated. Loose motion, lasting two or three days, lead to dehydration and risk of fetal death. In addition, it can also trigger pain in premature labor. To compensate for the fluid loss, you must take Intravenous Fluids (IV Fluid).


Loose motions during pregnancy can have a negative effect on the unborn child. In the absence of proper treatment for loose stools during pregnancy, the amount of salt in your body can decrease.


This reduced salt content can pose a risk to the proper functioning of your baby’s delicate organs. If ignored for a long time, increasing salinity for the growing baby can be deadly.


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How You Can Treat Loose Motion During Pregnancy?


The best way to treat diarrhea during pregnancy is to first try to deal it with the natural ways including;


  • Drinking purified water and well-cooked food.



  • Taking alternatives like Indian gooseberry, apples and pomegranate seeds to control loose motions.


  • Drinking oral rehydration solution.


  • Taking the mixture of banana in curds can also help to bring relief to the problem.


  • Avoid high fiber diet and non-vegetarian for few days.





Few women experience constipation and few experience loose motions during pregnancy. This is the normal condition which may occur because of changes in hormones, diet changes, and stress. You may deal with this condition by drinking the ORS solution, coconut water, and lemon water.


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