7 Amazing Methods to Reduce Air Pollution at Home

Anju Bisht

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It’s about time, as Diwali is approaching bad air days are coming!! Well, when we talk about air pollution we perceive it as outdoor. Did you ever consider the thing that the indoor environment contributes as much as the outdoor environment in air pollution? Reducing air pollution at home is a necessity as we spend much time at home (especially in the winter season). We are responsible for bringing air pollution indoor. Polluted air can cause certain heart diseases. Careless nature while facing cardiovascular disease may be life-threatening, that’s why it is advised to visit the best cardiologist near me to cure the issue. In this blog, we will discuss the various methods to reduce air pollution at home.


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Methods to Reduce Air Pollution at Home


Here are 7 amazing methods to reduce air pollution at home:


1. Ensure ventilation before you polish or spray


Before you use a hair spray or a polishing substance such as nail polish and varnish, make sure that it is done where there is a free flow of air. Ensure the ventilation in the area, if these activities are done indoor. To prevent any health risk of lung problems and cancer.


2. Make home a dust-free zone


The dust that always gets accumulated at home is often brought in by the other family members who come from outside. You can’t prevent it from getting in but can certainly prevent it from getting accumulated. Make sure to clean the house regularly to avoid any exposure to these dust particles.


3. Don’t ignore odors at home


Most of us often ignore indoor odors and get rid of them with air fresheners. Well, let me tell you, you are making it worse. Some air fresheners contain harmful substances that can harm your health. Instead, eliminate the source of odors and clean the area.


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4. Downvote smoking indoor


Your child or other families are equally harmed as you are if you smoke at home. Cigarette smoke contains toxins that settle in the indoor air for a longer period. Inhalation of smoke can cause severe health issues to other members of the family.


5. Thumps up for air purifiers with HEPA filter


People who live in an area where the quality of air is poor, air purifiers are worth considering for them. On poor air days, close the windows and use air purifiers with HEPA filter and avoid exposure to polluted air.


6. Let the fresh air touch your heart!


Let the fresh air replace the toxins and polluted air by opening windows for at least 3-5 minutes, once in a day. The circulation of fresh air even for a shorter period will let the toxins and humidity that have gathered from many indoor activities to get replaced with fresh air.


7. Let the houseplants purify the air


Keeping houseplants, nothing can beat houseplants for purification. The best method to reduce air pollution at home is to keep those little and cute houseplants indoor.


So, breathe in the healthy air to stay healthy. Let the purification of air begin from the indoor. The above-discussed methods to reduce air pollution at home may lead to a healthy atmosphere at your home.


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