Wish To Travel- Know How to Travel with Diabetes

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z


Is your diabetes making your travel plan complex? Are you afraid of changes in your time zones, increased activity, schedule, eating on-the-go or new foods that can affect your health? You want to get ready for these things. So there is no need to worry! We are here to make it easy for you and give the guidelines on how to travel with diabetes, this may help and you will be ready for hitting the roads, skies, seas, or rails.


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Take a Doctor’s Appointment to Know How to Travel with Diabetes


If you are planning for a trip which is more than two days, then make an appointment with your doctor before a week you leave. Let them know your travel plans, and ask if they have any concerns or recommendations. Get any immunizations or extra prescriptions.


Ask for what You Need:


If you’re using airlines, then get the information about your airport’s guidelines for diabetic passengers before getting your tickets book It will help you to know how to travel with diabetes with them. Most airports allowed you to bring the things you need such as your medications, insulin, syringes, insulin pumps and all supplies, blood glucose meters, lancing devices, and all supplies, and food items for treating low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)– but it still has to go through security.


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Don’t Cut Corners When Packing:


Either you’re flying or traveling in a train, you should carry all your medicine, syringes, meters, test strips, pump supplies—anything you need. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also safer since cargo holds are usually not climate-controlled.


Lists are Important while Travel with Diabetes:


Definitely, you’re carrying some snacks, juice, or glucose tablets. take some extra one too.


To do the security check easily, leave your diabetes testing supplies, equipment, and medicine in its original container with prescription labels clearly visible.


You’ll probably be walking a lot while traveling, so pack extra shoes and socks for your tired feet.


While you’re on the go


While traveling, don’t sit in a place for a long duration. Stand up and stretch or walk around for a few minutes within an hour.


Check your glucose levels more frequently than you normally when you are traveling. Maybe you are walking too much and having new foods but these changes to your routine could affect your blood sugar level.


Pay special attention to your feet. Change your shoes frequently to avoid blisters. And if you have any problems related to your feet, you should wear your protective shoes at the beach or pool.


If you’re not sure what’s on your plate or in your glass, just ask. It’s important to know how many carbohydrates you’re eating.


Always wear a medical ID which helps the other to know the type of your diabetes.


Most importantly, have a great vacation!


Before You Travel with Diabetes:


  • See your doctor for any immunizations or prescriptions.


  • Call ahead to ask if special meals are available, and request them.


  • Pack an extra 2 week’s worth of equipment and medication.


  • Create a list of contacts which include your doctor’s number, insurance details, and at least 1 clinic where you are visiting


Traveling with diabetes can be cumbersome without proper guidelines and necessities. If you are a diabetic and live in Noida, consult the reputed and skilled diabetologist in Noida in order to clear your doubts. Consulting a professional medical practitioner can help you to manage your sugar levels while you are away from home.


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