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Bipolar disorder is a chronic disorder which was believed to affect a mere count of 1% of the overall population but today it is believed and proven through studies and surveys that the count has increased to 4% today. So, it is essential to stay aware and informed by each and every aspect of this outgrowing disorder.


Lets discuss several natural remedies for bipolar disorder which we can easily do.


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What is Bipolar Disorder?

The disorder which was previously called the manic depression is a psychological disorder. In this case, sufferer tends to phase two category of problem that is periodic depression as well as rapid mood swings.


This is a complex disorder where the mood can be elevated high or low which sub-categories it into mania or hypomania, depending on the chronicity of the elevation. The depression can also vary its intensity from high or low.


In simpler words, the mood and behavior of the person encountering this disorder can be very unpredictive and tangible.


At one time the person may show a low behavior of sadness, depression or anxiety and other time he may show a highly energetic, enthusiastic and overwhelming behavior, this change of mood occurs frequently and perhaps unconditionally.


With the help of natural remedies for bipolar disorder, we can cure and manage the disease easily.




What are the Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Symptoms and signs are clearly visible and detectable under this condition as the person’s behavior changes drastically which tends to change the speech, movements, and routine of the person.


Let’s categorize the symptoms and signs in two listings, seek below to read:

1. Symptoms of Manic Depression:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Rages & explosive temper tantrums
  • Marked irritability
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Distractibility
  • Hyperactivity
  • Oppositional behavior
  • Trying to being multitasking
  • More energy than normal


2. Signs of Manic Depression:

  • Manic Episodes
  • Anger and Rage
  • Depressive Episodes
  • Severe Fluctuations in Mood
  • Flights of Fancy
  • Differences in Similar Illnesses



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What are the Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder?

It becomes difficult and awful for the person suffering from this disorder as the behavior of the person becomes very unpredictable which often arouses the feeling of concern and tension in the minds of relatives and the sufferer.


So, one must seek into immediate help and remedy solutions to treat it. There are many natural remedies for bipolar disorder, enlisted below.

1. Ayurvedic Remedies for Bipolar Disorder:

There are many allopathic and advanced treatments available but they do have some side effects hidden in them so herbal methods are a great option to pick. Consuming the underlying can help to regulate the mood of the sufferer.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha has the quality to improve 3 separate cognitive functions, it can help with auditory-verbal working memory, reaction time and social cognition. Take 500 gram of ashwagandha extract for few weeks to find relief.


Brahmi: Brahmi, also known as Bacopa. It helps in enhancing the memory and works as a mild stimulant as well as a sedative. Consume a few teaspoons of juice extracted from Brahmi leaves daily for several weeks.


Fish Oil: Fish oil is a rich supplier of omega 3 fatty acids, which is a great source for enhancing brain functioning and overcoming from depression. Consume herbal omega 3 tablets or tuna, salmon etc.


Valerian Root: Valerian root is popularly known for tackling anxiety in human beings. It also reduces restlessness, stress and nervous tension. Valerian Root is available in the market in the form of dried valerian root, tea bags, capsules, and liquid extract.


Passion Flower: The anxiety and excitability encountered by the sufferer during a manic episode can be reduced to a minimal level by consuming this flower. Use this flower in hot water or make a tea to consume it.



2. Lifestyle Changing for Bipolar Disorder:

The way you carry yourself, spend your time doing and spend time with matters a lot in portraying your behavior. So, there are some essential lifestyle changes one can adapt to find relaxation and cure for Bipolar Disorder.

Sleep: A manic depression can be caused due to disturbed sleep pattern of the person so, one must get a good healthy sleep in order to eliminate any consequences of disturbed sleep.


Meditation: Meditation is all about disciplining your mind and body at the same time with the help of some breathing exercises and yoga asanas. This helps in keeping the mind calm and peaceful.


Exercises: Regularly devoting a time for the workout or cardiovascular exercises is a great way to keep your mind healthy. Exercising keeps the stress and tensions relieved easily.


Schedule: It has been proven that making a fixed routine or schedule and following it strictly helped a lot in recovering from the disorder. So, make a schedule and stick to it.



3. Diet for Bipolar Disorder:

‘You become what you eat’, This phrase stand rigidly strong for all cases of the human body whether it’s disease, disorder or basic health. Avoid consuming a diet rich in fats, alcohol, red meat and caffeine because that may trigger the disorder. Below is a list of food nutrients that you should increase in your diet to find relief.

  • Vitamins C
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Folic acid
  • The amino acids taurine and tyrosine





Bipolar Disorder must be treated with care and patience, it should not be ignored in any case and professional help must be taken in case of chronicity. Also, two most important antidotes to bipolar disorder are exercise and sleep.


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