What Are The Causes Of Obesity In Children, How To Prevent It?

Shikhar Atri

, Health A2Z


Obesity in children is spreading like an epidemic in many developing and developed countries of the world. According to the World Health Organization, about 20 million children worldwide are overweight, whose age is less than 5 years.


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In today’s time, this problem is seen mostly in developing countries. You would be surprised to know that according to the International Obesity Task Force, there are some areas of Africa where children are more obese than malnutrition.


Causes of obesity in children


There are so many reasons for this increase in obesity among children. These include non-nutritious food, junk food, highly fatty food, excess sugar, and salt. At the same time, they prefer watching TV, internet surfing, computer, and mobile games, etc but they do not want to play outside.


They prefer no physical exercise throughout the day and because of this, the children become more obese day by day. Also sometimes obesity is also genetic and that is, if the parents are obese then the child will also be obese. It is very difficult to get rid of such obesity.


India ranks second after China in obesity in children. There are other diseases that may occur due to obesity, they have many health-related complications in childhood, such as-



  • Being a victim of high blood pressure at a young age


  • Heart diseases are beginning to surround them


  • Trouble breathing



Apart from this, many emotional illnesses can also occur due to obesity in children and adolescents. Such teenagers may also have problems like lack of enthusiasm, inferiority with others, stress, irritability etc.


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Symptoms of obesity in children


If we talk about all the children then it is not obesity, only a few children have more weight than the average. There are many children whose body fat levels also vary during their physical development. BMI is used to measure the weight and length of the child its statistics are considered correct for obesity.


However, doctors use BMI’s growth chart to check obesity in children. Apart from this, it helps others to find out what other health problems can cause the weight of your child. As per the data source in India, there are 14.4 million children are obese.


  • Having thyroid problems


  • Always feeling tired


  • Having trouble doing anything


  • Having diabetes disorder



  • Not getting enough sleep


  • Joint pain


How to manage obesity in children


  • The first and most important thing is to change the food habits of your children.


  • It is the parent’s responsibility to guide their children on how to choose the right food (eg reduce food rich in carbohydrates, avoid eating junk and fast food).


  • Guide and motivate your children to start the weight management program on their own.


  • Try to make their daily routine as active as possible.


  • Maintain the number of calories throughout your day.


  • Parents should always keep in mind what their child eats in school or when he/she is out.


  • Everyone in your family should get together and eat. Change the habits and avoid watching television or sitting in front of the computer while having lunch or dinner.


  • In order to reduce obesity in children, they will have to change their eating habits.


  • They should eat as per the requirement of nutrition, not according to the taste of food presented, as being kids the tend to overeat if they have their favorite food in front of them, these habits may lead to an unhealthy body in the future.


We have also told you what are the causes and symptoms of obesity in children and how to protect your child from it.  If your child is not benefiting from these measures then you can consult our doctor.


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