Concentration Problems In Kids: Causes And Tips To Manage

Anurag Bhardwaj

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As a parent or elder, it is very challenging for us to handle our children. The concentration problem in kids is one of the common issues amongst us because kids are the future of the country. If they don’t concentrate well then it’s not desirable for the nation. Children are full of energy stored in them that makes them less tired compared to elders.


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Children love to spend their time doing the different-different type of work at a regular interval of time. They want to be free from all the restrictions and enjoy themselves. They don’t like to sit and do work till it gets completed, unlike adults. Whenever they get bore, they switch the work which they are doing.


Reasons for Concentration Problems in Kids


There are several reasons for the concentration problems in kids. It is quite hard for a child to do a task without getting distracted as the imagination power of the child is very strong. So, the common reasons are:




The brain of a kid is full of the distraction from a remote to a television. If you want your kid to do homework, then make them sit in a room where there are fewer items for distraction.


Type of tasks they are attached to do


Children don’t like to do a hard task. they don’t even try to solve it. So, for doing these questions or tasks, it needs to be presented in small parts or small tasks, which children find very interesting.


Excitement or anger


Kids are very sensitive compared to adults or teenagers. They become excited if their birthday is coming as kids love to celebrate their birthday. They plan what they want to wear, what type of cake they want to cut, and even the decoration. These things create a concentration problem in kids and don’t help them to do work continuously. Similarly, Anger also plays an important role in distracting a child. The anger of a child is very difficult to control and manage.


Lack of sleep


Sleeping is a very important part of life, especially for a child. According to their age, Children need at least 8-12 hours of sleep per day. Adults or teenagers can bear a lack of sleep, but children become irritated and angry, which can cause concentration problems in kids.


Tips for solving concentration problem in Kids


Playing games 


Play games with your child like solving puzzles, building blocks, thinking games. Allow your children to play with regular toys, not with any gadget like a phone or tablet. This will enhance the memory of the child and also help to solve the concentration problems in kids.


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 Proper hygiene


We all know how important food is to all of us. Eating healthy food is directly connected to the performance of the child. The concentration power becomes good by eating good healthy food. Avoid your child to eat junk food because it makes the child lazy. In short, proper healthy food helps in building good concentration in children.


Good Sleep and Environment


Allow your child to have a good sleep, so that when they wake up, they should feel fresh hand healthy. Sleeping gives good concentration power and helps the child to remember many things in studies. Similarly, with sleep, there should be a distraction-free environment so that the child doesn’t get distracted while doing some particular work like homework.




In short, there are many reasons for concentration problems in kids, but there are solutions also, don’t let your child do anything, which is not good for them like eating junk food or playing games on mobile. Sit with them share each other’s thoughts, listen to them, and find out what they want to do. All these things will help them to build good concentration power and willingness to do work.

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