Reasons of Muscle cramps : It can Surprise You!

Somya Verma

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We all have faced muscle cramps at some of the points of time. Sometimes we know and sometimes we do not know what is the reasons for muscle cramp. While women experience high muscle cramps during their period cycle every month, men usually have thigh muscle cramp during extra exhaustion. Yet, there are some different reasons which might also surprise you regarding muscle cramps. What are the reasons, ways to prevent and symptoms of the muscle cramp are, will be discussed in the blog?


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What Can be the Symptoms Related to Reasons for Muscle Cramps?


There is an alarm set for the symptoms of the muscle cramps that if you face you should definitely visit your doctors to consult the reason.


  • Cause severe discomfort



  • Can be associated with muscle weakness


  • Pain has become frequent


  • Self-care is no more helping


  • It is not because of exercise


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What are the Main Reasons for Muscle Cramps?


Lack of Blood Supply:


With the lack of blood supply due to narrowing of arteries might give an adverse pain in the muscles and this leads to the person facing pain and muscle cramps.


Too Hard Exercising:


In the race of being fit and healthy, we exhaust our body and muscles beyond the point which it can take. It sometimes causes the body to suffer pain, like muscle cramps and though it is easily gone within hours, a serious case can lead to muscle damage as well.


Deficiency of Nutrients:


Lack of some nutrients like magnesium and potassium can lead to muscle cramps as well. The building of muscles require these supplemented nutrients, and hence in the lack of these nutrients, there is pain suffered by the body.


Muscle Tiredness:


Like the mind even our body has a saturation point if that particular saturation point is crossed, the body starts giving up. Hence, when the body is tired, fatigue creeps in and this causes cramps in muscles.




Sports and other vigorous activities, including activities of endurance athletes, can cause excessive fluid loss from perspiration. This kind of dehydration increases the likelihood of true cramps.


Spinal Injury:


Spinal injury causes the dysfunction of all the muscles around the spinal cord. Hence the slightest of the movement can cause these cramps very easily.


Low Sodium:


Not frequently but when the body is low in sodium, you might face muscle cramps. If you think it is due to this reason, you should try eating food articles which are salty in taste.



What is the Prevention of Muscle Cramps?


It depends on the reason why have you faced the muscle cramp if it is due to the fact that you have worked out too much today, then it would be preferable that you cool down your muscles by stretching properly.


Similarly, if you feel it is due to dehydration then you can drink some water for a better flow of oxygen. Other than that a diet of high vitamins and minerals can reduce your rate of receiving muscle cramps. The reason for muscle cramp might not really always be a weakness but it can happen to anyone at any point in time. For further assistance, you can always approach our consultants.


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