Male Impotence : Way to Treat It

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Well, there is a myth that a man who is impotent cannot satisfy himself or his partner, but it’s not true. Impotence does not mean that the man cannot have sex or have fun while sex. Male Impotence is the condition when the male’s sperm is not qualitative to fertilize the woman’s egg. In this entire blog, we are providing some important information related to male impotence and what are its possible treatments by Dr. Shailendra Kumar Goel.


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Define Male Impotence:


Male impotency is also called erectile dysfunction. It’s a condition in which a man can’t achieve or maintain an erection during sexual performance. You may start experiencing symptoms such as reduced sexual desire or libido.


What are the Causes of Male Impotence?


The causes of male impotency are divided into 2 categories- physical and psychological:


Physical Causes




  • High cholesterol


  • High blood pressure


  • Diabetes



  • Parkinson’s disease



  • Certain prescription medications



  • Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate


  • Surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord


Psychological Causes


The brain plays a key role in triggering the series of physical events that cause an erection, starting with feelings of sexual excitement.


These include:


  • Depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions




What are the Treatments of Male Impotence?


Alprostadil urethral suppository


This therapy involves placing a tiny alprostadil suppository inside your penis in the penile urethra. Use a special applicator to insert the suppository into the penile urethra.

Although, the erection would start within 7- 10 minutes and when effective, lasts for around 30 to 60 minutes. Side effects like- pain, minor bleeding in the urethra and formation of fibrous tissue inside your penis can be faced.


Testosterone Replacement


Some men have erectile dysfunction which might be complicated by low levels of the hormone testosterone. In this case, testosterone replacement therapy might be recommended as the first step or given in combination with other therapies.


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Treatment Through Penis Pumps, Surgery and Implants




In this method, there is surgically placing devices into both sides of the penis. These implants are consist of inflatable or malleable (bendable) rods. Inflatable devices allow you to control when and how long you have an erection. The malleable rods keep your penis firm but bendable.




In this procedure, the pump is used which looks like a hollow tube with a hand-powered or battery-powered pump. The hollow tube is placed over the penis, and then the pump is used to suck out the air inside the tube. This creates a vacuum that pulls blood into the penis.




This is the best way to improve blood flow to the penis to help a man with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection. The name of surgery is vascular reconstructive which is done by a professional and experienced doctor.


What are the Preventions of Male Impotence?


There are some preventions of male impotence including:


Lifestyle changes


Precise activities or lack of physical activity can have a major impact on erectile dysfunction, so before trying medications or natural remedies for this, consider some lifestyle changes which include:


Staying Active: It is very important to stay active. Doing regular physical activity has proven to be effective in improving overall health. For erectile dysfunction, the improved blood pressure, blood flow, and overall health benefits may drastically reduce the risk of a man having or developing ED.


Healthful Diet: Having nutritious food may help to reduce the high risk of heart disease, clogged arteries, and diabetes, which are known risk factors for male impotency.


Say no to alcohol & smoke: Both of these activities bring infinite potential health risks, including erectile dysfunction. Reducing or eliminating these activities may help stop ED problems.


Stress: A man can have issues with sexual performance if he is overly stressed. Stress can come from a variety of circumstances like- work, financial crisis, and relationship troubles. Finding ways to cope with these issues can help reduce stress and may improve erectile dysfunction.


Engage in sexual activities: Stimulating sexual activities that lead to even partial erections may have a positive impact on erectile dysfunction. Although, increased blood flow to the penis also helps to stimulate and improve the function over time.


In the above-mentioned blog, Male Impotence and its treatment options are described. If you are also one of them, do not hesitate, instead, share your health concern to a professional doctor. A sexologist can be of greater help in any such case. Book online appointment with top urologist near me.


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