7 Extreme Bad Side Effects Of Using Phone While Eating

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

I am sure your mom asked you at least once in life that doesn’t watch television while eating. Well, it is quite common these days to have food in front of the television, or checking phones, watching laptops or some other screens. While most of us don’t really think twice about it, and some even claim that it has its advantages, watching TV while eating is a bad habit that does more harm than good. So, let’s explore the side effects of using the phone while eating.


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Side Effects of using the phone while eating


It’s very common to use mobile phones while having your meal. If you and your family are having the habit of using the screen in your mealtime, here are some side effects of using the phone while eating.


1. Causes Overeating and Obesity


Studies have shown that we tend to eat more while watching TV as we have not been paying attention to how much we are eating. Eating too much will eventually lead to obesity.


2. Distraction


When eating food and watching TV, the brain is distracted and sends out the wrong signals to the body and does not process the taste or satisfaction of the palette.


3. Unhealthy Eating Habits


Unhealthy eating becomes a habit while watching television as you are unable to appreciate the food you eat if you are concentrating on the TV.


4. Lower Metabolism


Watching TV while eating lowers the metabolic rate leading to the food being digested slower and the fat being burned slowly.


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5. Indigestion


Eating while watching TV and digestion are linked as you are unable to process how much and what you are eating. This, in turn, will lead to problems with digestion as your body is unable to properly digest the amount or the kind of food being eaten.


6. No Satisfaction


When your mind needs to concentrate on two things at once, it is unable to enjoy either of them properly.


7. No Family Interaction


If everyone is more interested in watching TV while eating, the conversation that families usually enjoy during meals will not take place, and there will be even less time for family bonding in this busy time and age.




Excessive usage of the phone is anyways is not good, but while eating is more harmful to your health. Here we have discussed 7 side effects of using the phone while eating. We always use to keep these points in our mind while using the screen. It can help you and your family to prevent yourself from various harmful health conditions.


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