11 Foods With Zinc, To Fight Illness

Somya Verma

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We always tend to neglect one very important nutrients in our body, Zinc! Now, everyone gets to know, how important Zinc actually is for our body. So, here we are giving the credit that this nutrient deserves by registering the foods with Zinc that improve your immunity. You do not have to pick and choose and it is easy to get a hold of Zinc-rich substances.


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Most of the daily food that we eat also has it. However, we do not really give it a thought. Now, when in the pandemic, it is advised to take “Zinc supplement” everyone is getting to know how important it has always been.


Did you know that this friendly nutrient was always there for you? How? Let us see here how many foods with Zinc we never knew kept us healthy!


11 Foods With Zinc, They Are Boosting You Up


1. Th Dark Chocolate You loved


Dark Chocolate Can Do Wonders, You Had No Idea About!


Keeping your mood light and to your rescue every time, your dark chocolates were also helping you with Zinc. It is not advisable to have a whole bar in one go, but some amount does add up to foods with Zinc when it is dark chocolate.


2. Catch those crabs


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Shell fishes and seafood, given that they are aquatic, are very high in zinc! Your taste buds might thank you but your body will fall in love with you. It is because the number of nutrients that crabs, lobsters, and prawns give are very high. So, yes, maybe you can just enjoy them more now.


3. Oysters, are erotic and yummy



A little away from the Indian platter, but not that we do not find them. Oysters are delicious queens and kings of the sea. They also have shells and hence they are high in zinc amount.


4. Garlic, has everything



A little and appropriate amount of garlic does come under foods with Zinc. You love burnt garlic in your “chank of daal” or say that creamy mashed potato.


5. Ginger, is a health bringer



We know that nowadays you have a starter using Ginger more, and it is good. The unknown friend of yours the Zinc is also a shy hidden nutrient which you might find in Ginger.


6. Go Nuts


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Umm…we are not telling you to go crazy, but what we mean is foods with Zinc have high fiber too. The various nuts and fruits like almonds, cashew, and raisins have Zinc in them as well.


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7. The Deary Diary


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Dairy foods like cheese and milk provide a host of nutrients, including zinc. Milk and cheese are two notable sources, as they contain high amounts of bioavailable zinc, meaning most of the zinc in these foods can be absorbed by your body.


8. The Seeds are the source


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Foods with Zinc include those healthy seeds which you see most of these fitness people putting in their smoothies. Hence, you must have them like your evening snack. Keep the chia seeds in water and have them here and there when you like.


9. Meat is the treat


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Zinc is highly found in red meat but if you are not preferred then you can go for lean meat as well. Make sure that yummy chicken tikka helps you stay stronger in these times.


10. Naani ke hanth ki daal


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Legumes are supposed to have extremely rich nutrients. We are not surprised to say that foods with Zinc have them on the list too. We know you love daal chawal, so go have it! Wait, Rajma and Chole? Well, yes! You can have them too.


11. Til ka taad na banao, Zinc khao



Sesame seeds are one thing that provides warmth in winters. The reason why Indians on Makar Sakranti usually have the “til ka ladoo” which is during winters. However, consuming it during summers in a less and controlled amount is also acceptable.


We are sure these foods with Zinc, will keep your body healthy and happy! We want nothing more. Stay Safe and Stay home. In case of any medicine delivery, book your orders with our app


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