Take A Look At What Are The Signs Of Puberty In Girls

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It is very difficult for every mother to take care of our child, especially when she becomes a mother for the first time. The early signs of puberty in girls indicate that they start looking younger as compare to boys. If we talk about the physical development of a boy and a girl, then these changes are visible at different ages.


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These physiological and hormonal changes in girl’s bodies are complicated as compared to boys. At that point of their age, there are so many changes in their mood and the whole body. Girls have so many problems during puberty. It is common to develop and change girls in puberty and this happens at every girl at one time. For every girl, it starts at the age of 8 or 13. Their body weight and height both increased from 15 to 13 years, at this age, they look younger.

Noticeable Changes in Girls in puberty


This is because a small gland called the pituitary originates from their brain. It is caused by a hormonal change in the body. These hormones directly affect our skin, sense organs, hairs, emotions, Due to these changes at the same time, your girl starts looks like an adult.


What are the major signs of puberty in girls?


The rapid growth of the body


Physical development occurs very rapidly in old age. Some people believe that once the girls’ Mensusration (periods) begin, their height does not increase but it is wrong. It is generally seen that even at the beginning of periods, their height increases by 1-2 inches. Generally, girls reach their real height at the age of 14-15. One thing is very important to say that the height of the children depends on the height of the parents.


Pimples & Skin Problems


When girls in puberty, they have pimples and many types of skin related problems, but there is no way to avoid it. Pimples on the skin are also a reason for hormonal changes in your whole body, which occur to everyone at this age. The seams of your skin have sebaceous glands from which released sebum. It is a kind of oil that is essential for both skin and hair. That’s why pimples on your face and other parts of the body. This is the reason girls’ hair also looks sticky.


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Start of menstruation


The biggest change in girls during puberty is the beginning of menstruation.“Every growing girl should know about this natural process so that she does not panic when the time comes. When girls in puberty, the mood swing problem can also happen, so they are unable to concentrate on their work.


Emotional change


Change in emotion is not new for girls in puberty. In growing girls feel a change in their emotions which is natural. This is the reason why she feels very irritable and depressed sometimes. When this happens, your daughter may also experience a lack of confidence for the first time in her life.


Although these are typical signs of puberty in girls, one thing you have to also keep in mind that every girl develops at a different time and pace. If your daughter’s periods do not begin until the age of 17 or do not show any signs of developing her breasts, then it is better to see a doctor and you can also consult our doctor.


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