Tips For Diabetes During This Lockdown, What You Must Do

Somya Verma

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Managing the medical condition under this lockdown can be a tricky job. It is a bit of trouble when you have no way to carry out your normal routine. Diabetes is one of the major conditions that can make your immunity low. Right now, in the time of the widespread, taking care of yourself if you have diabetes is important. We thus have a list of Tips for diabetes during the lockdown.


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What makes tips for diabetes during the lockdown important?


You must know that the condition requires more attention in general. You as a patient, or even as someone taking care of those suffering, need to know. The diet, the insulin, and so many other things are on the list. Hence, it makes tips for diabetes during the lockdown important.


Tips for diabetes during the lockdown, you must try and follow


Let us give you some of the easy ways in which you can make the best of the lockdown period even when suffering from conditions like diabetes.


1) Keep a check on the sugar levels


With the boredom that will hit you in this lockdown, you must take tips for diabetes during the lockdown which includes, checking sugar levels. Most of the cravings will be of hogging the candy bar or eating something sweet. Hold on to that craving and make sure you regularly keep checking your sugar levels.


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2) Keep the exercise in your list always


We have written a lot many blogs regarding how exercise cannot and should not be avoided at this time of the lockdown. Hence one of the tips for diabetes during the lockdown is to not skip the exercises.


As we all know physical activity has lots of health benefits, whether you are diabetic or are at risk of it. We know it can be a bit difficult but now you have enough time to give it to the exercises, isn’t it? Physical activity is not only beneficial to control your blood glucose levels but it is also good for mental health and the heart.


3) Utilize your time for self-monitoring


Encourage yourself to start self-monitoring the accurate blood glucose level with the help of an at-home blood sugar monitor. And then take corrective action based on the result to improve diet, exercising, and stress control. Why do we add it as a tip? It is because even after the lockdown it will be beneficial for you.


4) Take care of medication


One important and one of the most underrated tips for diabetes during the lockdown is stocking up medicines. We know the pharmacies are open but still, going out is not safe. In case you need any medicine, download the GoMedii app and order the medicine with contactless delivery.

You need proper management of diabetes and take medication on time. Keep your medicines updated, avoid taking too much and too little medicines.


5) Keep your diet in place


You cannot miss these tips for diabetes and not mention the fact that you must stick to a healthy diet. Take care of the sugar level and the crabs and other unhealthy things in your diet.


This process can be very tiring, but with some tips for diabetes during this lockdown and enough rest, you will get through. Try making the best use of this time to make your self healthier and fitter.


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