5 Ways to Prevent Yourself for Viral Infections During Weather Changes

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z


It is that time of the year we are all are scared of being sick and catching infections. The weather change is an indication that there is something stored in for us to get unwell, and the air is filled with viral infections, waiting to take us as their hostages.


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So here we are with some solutions, tips and the ways to protect oneself from viral infections during the weather change. It is important to take a little extra care of yourself during the change of weather as the germs and all problem makers become extremely active during this time on the year.



Viral Infection During Weather Change


When we talk about infections, we should know what are the kind of infections which are pre-dominant in case there is any weather change.


1) Mosquito Prone:


This creature is a source of so many infections and diseases right from Dengue to even ChickenGunia. Malaria can be lethal if left untreated. A spell of Bird Flu (H5N1) can cause severe joint pains, which can last for weeks and months.


2) Airborne:


Airborne infections usually cause minor fever, but can also a leader to severe cold and cough that can cause discomfort for a very long period of time. Senior citizens and young children are more vulnerable to these infections and need to take proper care.


3) Waterborne:


From rashes to serious concerns like diarrhea are all the gift of those infections that spread through the water present in and around your area and is stagnant for long. Water provides an easy way to get away of survival for the germs.


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Tips for Protection from Viral Infections During Weather Change:


The following are some tips that one can follow to not fall sick and enjoy the beautiful transition of the natural process of weather change.


1) Sanitization:


It is very important to keep yourself clean and tidy. Make sure you sanitize yourself as regularly as possible. Wash your hands and keep your clothes and bedding clean. Use antiseptics like Dettol and other disinfectants to keep your house free from germs.


2) Don’t Let the Wound Open:


If you face any bruises and scars during this season, make sure that the healing is taking place properly and do not touch or pull the scabs. The covered skin is protected from any kind of further infections growing in the area.


3) Exercise Well:


Keeping yourself healthy is a process and that includes some of the other kind of physical activity that has to be included in your daily routine. Walk or jog or go to the gym.


4) No Sharing:


We all have heard the saying “Sharing is caring” yet, during weather changes it is important that this ideology is approached with logic. Viral infections during weather change might be because you shared with someone who was sick and affect your immunity.


5) Sleep and Rest:


Keeping your body in good health also includes enough and stressless sleep and rest. Stress results in weaker immunity and this becomes easy for infections to attack you and cause the problem.


Viral infections during weather change are common. It happens and all we can do is keep ourselves protected from any chance of being prone to these infections. We feel that it is important to be aware of the changes. Hence you can always contact our experts for further consultation.


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