What Are The Side-effects Of Dates In Women?

Did you know that dates, one of the favourite fruits around the world, has no documented history? Yes, the exact origins of dates are lost in antiquity. But, certain evidences show that date palm was cultivated as early as 4000 BCE in the Mesopotamian region. Dates have a special place in Islam as muslims around the world include dates in iftar to open their fast.


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Dates have been a favoured fruit for women for ages as they have been known to support a healthy pregnancy. But, lets understand, every good thing here as its own side-effects and dates are no exception to this fact. There is one interesting question that many tend to ask – what are the side-effects of dates in women?


Did that question make you curious? No worries, keep on reading our blog to where we unravel the answer to this question but even before that, we see whether this question is even valid or not.


Dates are one of the most nutritious foods and adding them to your daily diet will do wonders for your body. Although there are many different types, the most common varieties of dates include Medjool, Ajwa, Khalas and Deglet Noor. Dates has got many names – Dabino in Nigerian, Bilah in Arabic and k’enochi in Amharic. It is a powerhouse of various nutrients and minerals like vitamins, magnesium, potassium, folate, fructose, etc.


Now, coming to our question – what are the side-effects of dates in women? Well, none.


Yes! There are no side-effects of having dates that are specific to women. However, consuming them in excessive can lead to mild side-effects, like:


  • Weight gain: Dates, being rich in fructose and sugars, can lead to weight gain if the portion size is not maintained. According to research, women gain more weight than men in the same timeframe, even if they take less calories. Also, men tend to have more lean muscle tissue, which burns more calories than body fat, even during rest (WebMD). Hence, it becomes important for women to control their dates to avoid unwanted weight gain.


  • Digestive issues: Dates are rich in fiber which, when consumed in excess, can cause bloating, gas and loose stool among other things. Women should specifically be careful about overconsumption of dates as many research have suggested that women tend to feel more bloated compared to men.


  • Tooth decay: The high sugar content in dates can make your teeth suseptible to cavities and tooth decay. Certain studies have claimed that tooth decay occurs more commonly in females compared to males. Anthropologists have deduced three main factors behind this finding – female sex hormones, biochemical composition of saliva in females and, immune response during pregnancy.


While there are no specific side-effects of dates in women, certain biological factors make the usual side-effects more pronounced in women. So, enjoy dates as much as you want, just control the consumption.




Q: Do dates make you poop?


A: Yes, dates can make you poop due to high fiber content that helps with your bowel movements.


Q: Are dates fattening?


A: Yes, dates can be fattening due to high sugar content. Moreover, dried dates can be even more fattening as fructose content gets concentrated with the loss of water.


Q: Do dates cause gas and bloating?


A: Yes, having too many dates have been known to cause gas and bloating.


Q: Are dates nutritious?


A: Definitely. Dates are high in carbohydates, fiber, proteins, vitamins like vitamin B6, phytochemicals (antioxidants), sugars, potassium, magnesium and folate. The best part? It has no fats!


Q: What are the benefits of dates with water?


A: Dates soaked in water softens the fiber content which makes it easy to digest.


Q: Are dates natural laxatives?


A: Yes, high fiber content make dates an excellent natural laxative.


Q: What are the disadvantages of dates in women?


A: There no women-specific disadvantages of dates. On the other hand, dates have been known since long ago to support a healthy pregnancy.


Q: What are the side-effects of dates in babies?


A: Dates should only be given to babies who are above 6 months as by this age, the baby gets ready for solids. Also, it is advised to start with very small quantity as even a slightly higher quantity can cause diahhroea in babies.


Q: What are the side-effects of dates with milk?


A: There are certain disadvantages of dates with milk, such as:


  • Date milk is not useful for those who are allergic to milk or dates.
  • Date milk can lead to stomach problems.
  • Consuming date milk can trigger asthma attacks.
  • Excessive consumption can lead to obesity and weight gain.

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