Which Are The 9 Serious Side Effects Of Dates?

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Dates are a very good source of fiber and are good for health but the access of dates can be harmful. Moreover, dates are famous in the Middle East. People love to eat a date, but dates can be fattening. Today we are going to discuss 9 serious side effects of dates and how to control them.


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What Are The Different Types of Dates?



There are 7 types of dates including:



1. Barhi



2. Dayri



3. Deglet Noor



4. Halawy



5. Khadrawy



6. Medjool



7. Zahidi






What Are The Side Effects of Dates?



There are 9 side effects of dates :



1. Abdominal Issues

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Dates are an excellent source of fiber, which, surprisingly, can have a reverse effect in this case. If you haven’t been already taking enough fiber, consuming too many dates simply means the intake of fiber in excess and this sudden flow can lead to abdominal problems like constipation and bloating.





2. Asthma Attacks

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Dates can lead to allergies, and allergies can cause asthma, so it is better if susceptible individuals take extra care. 70-80% of the people with asthma have allergies to airborne substances like molds which are also found in dried fruit like dates.



3. Skin Rashes


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Dried fruit like dates can cause skin rashes, and the culprit, once again, is the sulfites. Rashes can also be caused by mold present in many dried fruits, dates being one of them.





4. Weight Gain


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Dates are high in fiber, but they are also comparatively high in calories and energy density, which can contribute to unequaled weight gain. Dates carry 2- 2.8 calories per gram which simply means they are medium energy-density foods and can lead to weight gain.



5. Tooth Decay

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Dates are a good source of fluorine which is very good for our teeth as it strengthens our tooth enamel and prevents our teeth from tooth decay. However, the dates mustn’t be so good for our teeth. Dates are rich in sugar and carbohydrates which are well known for triggering tooth decay and giving rise to cavities.



The best way to protect our teeth from decay is to gargle your mouth with warm saline (salt dissolved in water) and brush your teeth, as soon as you finish eating dates. This will help in removing sugar and carbohydrates from sticking to the surface of teeth and will thus keep bacteria away and prevent your teeth from decay.




6. Bloating

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Consuming dates along with water is bad as it can trigger bloating. At present, no one knows the true reason behind this but studies have suggested that the reason for bloating may be due to the formation of gas due to the interaction between high sugar levels of dates and water.



It is also suggested to avoid drinking water immediately after eating dates as it can cause a cough. If you are about to enjoy dates and are also feeling thirsty at that time then it is better to drink water first and then enjoy your dates.


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7. Constipation


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The dietary fiber present in dates is very good for our stomachs and helps in keeping our digestive system healthy. It regulates bowel movement and ensures proper elimination of waste out of the body and thus provides relief from constipation. If you are suffering from constipation then you can eat some dates to get rid of constipation.



However, an excess of fiber is bad and can give rise to constipation (or worsen the condition of constipation) as the dietary fibers absorb water from our body and make our stool dry and it becomes difficult for our body to excrete it properly.



8. Increase Blood Sugar Level

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High consumption of dates is not at all beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes because of their high caloric value and high sugar. Eating a quarter cup of chopped dates provides around 24 grams of carbohydrates and 105 calories of energy. Dates are a rich source of natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose, and their glycemic index is 103 which is even higher than that of glucose.





9. Dangerous Wax Coating



Have you ever noticed the attractive glossy shine of dates? Well, this glossy shine is because certain date-supplying brands use a wax coating on dates. This makes them look attractive and shiny and helps in increasing the sales of these dates.



This is good for these brands but not for us as the wax used for the coating contains various toxic ingredients and intake of this wax coating could upset our stomach and leave us feeling nauseated. If you are eating wax-coated dates for a prolonged time then the situation can be life-threatening too.





Are Dates Good for Weight Loss?


Dates are a very healthy fruit to include in your diet. They are high in several nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, all of which may provide health benefits ranging from improved digestion to a reduced risk of disease. Dates are worth adding to your diet, as they are both nutritious and delicious.



How Many Dates Can A Diabetic Eat in a Day?



People with regular blood sugar levels can eat up to 3-5 dates in a day. The natural sugars in it make it an ideal food to break your fast, and the ideal time to eat it is early in the morning or with breakfast to stay active through the day. But is this nutritious food good for diabetics as well.




What Are The Benefits of Eating Dates?



There are a few benefits of eating dates :



1. Very Nutritious



2. High in Fiber, getting enough fiber is important for our overall health



3. High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants



4. Promote Brain Health



5. Excellent Natural Sweetener



7. Other Potential Health Benefits



8. Easy to Add to Your Diet





In the above article, we have discussed 9 serious side effects of dates and their types, side effects, good for weight loss, diabetic patients, and a few benefits. If you are addicted to dates then consult a doctor because access to dates is not good for your health it makes you sick. Indian healthcare facilities have a wide spectrum of treatment in various facilities. Choose GoMedia, if you are looking for the best and most affordable treatment in India.






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