Bring Some Cheer to Cancer Patients: World Rose Day (Cancer Welfare)

Somya Verma

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The 23rd of September, every year is observed as the World Rose Day for the welfare of people suffering from Cancer. Cancer is probably among the most chronic and terminal disease after heart stroke and cardiac arrest.


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One cannot escape the clutches of cancer if not able to find it in the early stages. It is thus important that those suffering from Cancer are taken care of and also awareness regarding the disease is spread. In India, across the nation, Doctors and health experts celebrate this day remembering the brave souls and encouraging those who are going through the rough patch.



Why Do We Celebrate World Rose Day?


Rose is a symbol of love, care, and concern. September 22nd of each year is observed as Rose Day, to support the people around the world who are fighting with cancer.


Rose day is observed in the memory of 12-year-old Melinda Rose from Canada, who was diagnosed with Askin’s Tumour, a rare form of Blood Cancer. Her Doctors had predicted that she will not survive more than a couple of weeks, but she lived six months more.


Within that period, she successfully cheered up other cancer patients and their caregivers with her letters, poems, and emails. Where there is love, everything is possible.


Here are 5 Amazing Ways to Keep Yourself Away From Cancer:


Well, it is the most unpredictable disease. It cannot be cured once we suffer but definitely can be prevented. So let us see what are those ways to do so.


Eat all healthy:


This is the solution to all problems. Our heating habits define how we look and what our body will be suffering. To stay away from any disease, one should make sure that they have better control over their diet.



Exercise regularly:


Another solution to all eternal problems. Exercise makes your immunity grow stronger. The body is able to fight infections which could have otherwise developed as cancer.



Stop smoking and Alcohol:


These two are the reasons behind most of the terminal disease that humanity suffers. From Kidney to heart disease, they are the cause of these chronic diseases.



Too much of cosmetic:


Have you heard the saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Well, that is true, good food and good habits of living are good enough to bring that natural glow on your face. So it is time to reduce the application of too many cosmetics on your body and face.



Family History:


If you know that your close relatives have in the past suffered from chronic disease like cancer you should take extra covers. The fact that you are more vulnerable to cancer should have already raised an alarm by now.



Taking care of the welfare of the people suffering from Cancer this Wolrd’s Rose Day should not mean to scare them, or motivate them more than they need. It is letting them live the way they want to without making them any different. The health experts at our website suggest that no matter what we do, cancer patients have a different way of living and we cannot expect them to be like us. Yet, making them feel different is even worse. Hence, live, laugh and love those suffering without letting their confidence down!


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