World Red Cross Day 2018

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World Red Cross Day 2018



World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on 8th of May as the birthday anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross.


Swiss businessman and social activist Henry Dunant was the founder of the Red Cross as well as the founder of the non-profit organization International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), born in the Geneva in the year 1828. He was also the first recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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World Red Cross Day is an annual event which is celebrated on the principles of “International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.” It is celebrated every year in recognition of the volunteers participated in the red cross event as well as welcome their precious contribution to helping those people who are in need.




What Is The History Associated With The World Red Cross Day?


Red Cross was introduced as the major contribution regarding the peace after the First World War through an international commission at the 14th International Conference of the Red Cross.


The principles of the Red Cross Truce, an initiative that was studied by an international commission established during the conference, was presented and approved in the year 1934 to get applicable all across the world in different regions.


The initiative was officially named as the “World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day” in the year 1984.


World Red Cross Day is celebrated by the people on the international level to ease people’s suffering, protecting their life from emergencies, and enhancing their dignity as well as protecting them from natural disasters such as flood, epidemic diseases, and earthquakes.


It is celebrated by all the sections of the Red Cross organizations to help people by putting all fundamental principles of the day which are humanity, impartiality, independence, neutrality, voluntary, universality, and unity.


The members of the International Committee of the Red Cross make several events and programmes to encourage volunteers as well as promote their humanitarian activities.


The International Red Cross movement members support suffered people of any problems. The members provide motivations to people regarding how to protect their own lives as well as to take care the dignity of other victims.


The day highlights the international services to motivate other people to participate in the life-saving activities.


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Why Is World Red Cross Day Celebrated?


World Red Cross Day is an important day in the history of the world, celebrated every year to play a vital role in events that save lives and help vulnerable people around the world. It celebrates the birthday of Henri Dunant, founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva in 1863.


The organization’s purpose was to relieve people in danger and desolation because of war, food shortages, epidemics or natural disasters. Their celebration is underscored by a special theme of the year to achieve the purpose of the celebration and raise awareness of its importance. It also aims to attract more private or government organizations to be active members and to engage regionally in the needy people suffering from a disaster.


National Societies act as relief workers in the Red Cross and cooperate to provide assistance such as disaster relief, medical care and other social and health programs.


Following are some objectives of the celebration of the World Red Cross Day;


  • It is celebrated to provide relief to the injured people as well as to prevent death rate due to the disasters of any kind.


  • It helps to make active global efforts to reduce the rate of accidental mortality due to epidemics.


  • It helps people living in vulnerable areas to cope with public health emergencies.


  • It empowers its members, civil society and other local communities to respond immediately to health emergencies in emergencies.


  • It helps to restore human dignity.


  • The Geneva Conventions help to monitor respect for the parties to the conflict.


  • Help the wounded on the battlefield by arranging care.


  • Use the treatment of prisoners of war and help find missing persons during a conflict.


  • It provides protection and care to the people of the civilian population.



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