1 Out of 8 Deaths Caused by Air Pollution in India: Study

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Recently, a research is making hype which reveals that 26% of the global premature deaths caused by Air Pollution in India. Yes, its true, a study published in the periodical “The Lancet Planetary Health” reveals that 26% of global premature death and disease are by air pollution occurs in India.


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India, with 18% of the world’s population, has a high 26% of the global premature deaths and disease. The study also reveals that one in eight deaths in India is due to the air pollution in India in 2017, making it a leading risk factor for death.


In a statement Prof. Balram Bhargava, Secretary, Department of Health Research, states that “It is important to have robust estimates of the health impact of air pollution in every state of India in order to have a reference for improving the situation. Household air pollution is reducing in India, facilitated by the Pradhan Mantri Ujjawla Yojana. There is increasing political momentum in India to address air pollution. The findings reported today systematically document the variations among states, which would serve as a useful guide for making further progress in reducing the adverse impact of air pollution in the country.”


1 Out of 8 Deaths Caused by Air Pollution in India: Study





Some of the Key Findings of the Research Includes:


1. One out of eight deaths is related to air pollution in India; whereas deaths caused by air pollution in India in 2017 are those who are younger than 70 years of age.


2. The average life expectancy in India has been decline by 1 to 2 due to air pollution level.


3. Air pollution now contributes to more disease in India than tobacco use, by causing lower respiratory infections, heart attacks, stroke, chronic obstructive lung disease, diabetes, and lung cancer.


4. Approximately 77% population of India is exposed to outdoor air pollution levels more than the National Ambient Air Quality Standards safe limit.


5. Exposure to household air pollution due to solid fuel use has been decreased in India due to the increase in the use of clean cooking fuel.


6. Some systematic efforts are needed to address the multiple sources of air pollution in India such as transport vehicles, industry & thermal power emissions, construction activity, residential & commercial solid fuel use, agriculture burning, waste, diesel generators, and manual road dust sweeping.



In another statement Prof. Balakrishnan, director, Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, states that “There is increasing evidence globally and from India about the association of air pollution with premature death and disease burden. The findings in this paper are based on all available data on air pollution that was analyzed using the standardized methods of the Global Burden of Disease Study. This comprehensive effort over several years has for the first time produced what we believe are robust estimates of the health impact of outdoor and household air pollution in every State of India.”



The climate change problems in India are being hazardous to many people. There is a huge need to control air pollution problem and provide better, fresh, and clean air to everyone.


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